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see AntiochAntioch
or Antakya
, city (1990 pop. 124,443), capital of Hatay prov., S Turkey, on the Orontes (Asi) River, near the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of Mt. Silpius. Antioch is the trade center for a region where grains, cotton, grapes, olives, and vegetables are grown.
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, Turkey.
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In the early days of my fieldwork in 2010, I met Syrian women who had settled in Antakya after marrying into local families of the same religion, as well as Antakyans who had previously lived in Syria for university education or short-term business.
Data used in the present study include 203 monthly values from 1983 to 2010 for the Antakya and 362 values from 1967 to 2006 for the Antalya station.
Overview of the Geology, Seismicity and Soil Conditions of Antakya
Renowned for its rich soil and warm Mediterranean climate, the Antakya region cultivates distinctively delicious pomegranates that are bursting with a wonderfully sweet taste and delightfully fragrant aroma.
Three months later and despite the condemnation of international community and governments, those "legendary heroes" have caused the death of another protester - 23-year-old Ahmet Atakan in Antakya. Witnesses said that the police also attacked those waiting outside the hospital where he had been taken and injured two people.
We can't carry it on our shoulders," he said.Prime Mall Gaziantep marks the third investment of the German giant after two other malls in Iskenderun and Antakya districts of another province in the region, Hatay.The group's investments in the country have already totaled $500 million, accounting for one-fifth of its global investments in 17 countries, as Cetin has said.He also announced that the group's next investment was planned for one of Turkey's metropolitan cities, without specifying the name.
Demonstrator Ahmet Atakan died in hospital Monday night after being allegedly hit in the head by a tear gas canister during clashes between police and around 150 protesters in the southeastern city of Antakya near the Syrian border.
Guler claimed that the clashes in Antakya specifically sprung from "ethnic provocation" designed to cause "chaos".
It is across the border in the southern Turkish town of Antakya. Here rebels, who now move around with increasing ease, are engaged in daily bids for patronage with those who keep the insurgency runningC*.