Ante Pavelic

Pavelić, Ante


Born July 14, 1889, in Bradina; died Dec. 28, 1959, in Madrid. Leader of the Ustaše, the Croatian fascist terrorist organization; war criminal.

Pavelić, a lawyer, was secretary of the nationalist Croatian Party of Rights from 1915 to 1929. He founded the Ustaše organization in Italy in 1929. As head of the puppet “Independent Croatian State,” which was set up in April 1941 by the fascist German and Italian occupation forces, Pavelić organized the killing of hundreds of thousands of Yugoslavs between 1941 and 1945. After he fled from Yugoslavia at the war’s end, he lived in hiding in Austria, Italy, Argentina, and Spain. In 1945 a Yugoslav people’s court sentenced him to death in absentia.

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Estos aspectos tenian que ver con las diversas formas de colaboracionismo que surgieron despues del ataque aleman en abril de 1941: el caso del Estado independiente croata (Nezavisna drzava Hrvatska, Ndh), comandado por Ante Pavelic con apoyo de Hitler y de Mussolini, fue sin duda el ejemplo mas notable de aquel colaboracionismo.
Wartime leader Ante Pavelic's dictatorial regime not only collaborated with the Nazis, they willingly aided the Nazis in their efforts to wipe out the Jews, operating a number of concentration camps on Croatian soil.
Croatia's most infamous period of violence came during the Second World War, when Fascist leader Dr Ante Pavelic turned Croatia into a German puppet state.
Nationalism and Terror: Ante Pavelic and Ustashe Terrorism from Fascism to the Cold War
Back then, the Nazi-backed Ustasha regime was run by the self-styled Poglavik, a Croatian fuhrer, called Ante Pavelic. The Pavelic regime was so pathologically brutal in its campaigns of ethic cleansing and religious persecution that even their SS military advisors were appalled.
In the words of the presidential office, GrabarKitarovic was thus paying "respect to victims killed in the tragic events in May 1945." In these events, civil servants and members of the Ustasa fascist movement of Ante Pavelic's regime trying to flee Zagreb were caught and executed without a trial by Tito's Partisans.
Mientras Junger (que no lo cita en sus Diarios de guerra y ocupacion) narra memoriosamente, dice Serra, Malaparte pinta con acentos liricos aun lo mas siniestro: ya se trate del grotesco Hans Frank, quien quiso evadir la horca en Nuremberg haciendose pasar por el monaguillo que fue de nino, o del ustacha Ante Pavelic, cuyas orejotas le recuerdan a la musica de Honegger o Milhaud.
In another example - the Croatian state (annexed territories of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Slovenia and part of Serbia) was established in 1941 after the invasion of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers and controlled by dictator Ante Pavelic head of Nazi Ustashe movement with blessings of the Roman Church.
These so called "courts" were essentially killing units formed by the Ustasaled government of Ante Pavelic, the principal Croatian war criminal who evaded justice with the assistance of the Vatican.
This work is a painstakingly detailed study of the bloodthirsty Croatian Nazis and their leader, the Poglavnik {Fuhrer} Ante Pavelic. The Ustase were responsible for the deaths of at least 400,000 Serbs, 30,000 Jews, and 25,000 Gypsies in Croatia and Bosnia.
Then, a bloody and vicious civil war erupted, one that not only opposed the Chetniks (Serbs) of Draza Mihailovid to the passionate and irrational Ustashas (Croats) of Ante Pavelic, but also both of them to the Partisans (or Communists) of Josip Tito.
The chapter on Ante Pavelic, the Ustasa leader, shows that Vatican officials connived in protecting the murderer and dictator.