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, in Greek religion and mythology, god of love. He was the personification of love in all its manifestations, including physical passion at its strongest, tender, romantic love, and playful, sportive love.
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Eros’s brother; avenger of unrequited love; god of passion. [Gk. Myth.: Zimmerman, 23]
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Anteros tried his hand over fences in December, finishing a rather unimpressive fourth at Uttoxeter, but he looked revitalised upon his return to hurdling at Cheltenham on New Year's Day.
SANDOWN: 12.40 Perceus, 1.15 Peace And Co, 1.50 Doctor Harper, 2.25 TEA FOR TWO (NAP), 3.00 Anteros, 3.35 Pete The Feat, 4.10 Bon Enfant.
Lycaenidae: Heodes (Loweia) tityrus tityrus (Poda, 1761); Quercusia quercus quercus (Linnaeus, 1758); Lampides boeticus (Linnaeus, 1767); Pseudophilotes vicrama schiffermuelleri (Hemming, 1929); Plebeius (Plebejidea) loewii loewii (Zeller, 1847); Plebeius (Kretania) eurypilus eurypilus (Freyer, 1851); Polyommatus (Aricia) anteros anteros (Freyer, [1838]); Polyommatus (Thersitesia) thersites (Canterer, [1835]); Polyommatus (Sublysandra) cornelius (Freyer, [1850]); Polyommatus icarus (Rottemburg, 1775); Polyommatus (Admetusia) admetus anatoliensis (Forster, 1960); Polyommatus (Agrodiaetus) poseidon (Herrich-Schaffer, [1851]).
The Anteros Collection features fine gems and precious stones set in 18k gold, platinum, and silver.
"Quattrocento Views on the Eroticization of the Imagination." Eros and Anteros. The Medical Traditions of Love in the Renaissance.
It includes 'Planets' that represent the entertainment arts, while the one for designers and animators is called 'Anteros'.
Family pecies pohliana ferruginata Arctiidae Lophocampa citrina (Sepp., [1852]) x -- Elachistidae Stenoma hoplitica (Meyrick, 1925) x -- Stenoma ochropa Walsingham, 1913 -- x Geometridae Pleuroprucha asthenaria (Walker, 1861) -- x Hesperiidae Sophista latifasciata (Spitz, 1930) x x Megalopygidae Podalia albescens (Schaus, 1900) x x Noctuiidae Epidromia conspersata Dognin, 1912 -- x Oecophoridae Inga phaeocrossa (Meyrick, 1912) -- x Pyralidae Quadraforma obliqualis (Hampson, 1906) x x Riodinidae Anteros lectabilis Stichel, 1909 -- x Parcella amarynthina (Felder and Felder, 1865) x -- Theope ca.
anteros may also complete two or three generations from April to September depending on the altitude.
I return to the titular plot below, but one of the subplots involves a mock battle of wits between four young men, arranged by two of the play's gentleman malcontents, Lovell and Anteros. These four young men can be seen to represent a variety of subject positions commonly available to young Englishmen in the seventeenth century.

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