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Especies de otros generos de asteraceas tambien han sido mencionadas por su toxicidad para el hombre y los animales; entre ellos destacan los siguientes: Ambrosia, Anthemis, Arnica, Artemisia, Aster, Baileya, Barkleyanthus, Bidens, Cirsium, Conyza, Chromolaena, Elephantopus, Geigeria, Gutierrezia, Haplopappus, Helenium, Iva, Lactuca, Leucanthemum, Ligularia, Lygodesmia, Mikania, Packera, Parthenium, Pittocaulon, Psacalium, Psilostrophe, Rudbeckia, Sigesbeckia, Solidago, Sommerfeltia, Sonchus, Tagetes, Tanacetum, Telanthophora, Tetradymia, Trixis, Vernonia, Zexmenia, etc.
Farsam, "Comparative study of Zataria multiflora and Anthemis nobelis extracts with Myrthus communis preparation in the treatment of recurrent aphthous stomatitis," Daru, vol.
The investment by Anthemis is timely as recent research confirms that car shoppers want to buy online.
The main constituents of the essential oil of Anthemis tinctoria from Creece have been found to be spathulenol, caryophyllene oxide, and T-cadinol [37], but 1,8-cineole (8%), [beta]-pinene (7%), decanoic acid (5%), and [alpha]-pinene (4%) in a sample from Slovakia [35,38].
Mycorrhizal source and neighbour identity differently influence Anthemis cotula L.
Keywords: Sesquiterpene lactone; Anthecotulide; Anthemis auriculata; Trypanosoma; Leishmania; Cytotoxicity
Address: c/o Anthemis International 5, villa Mozart, F-75016 Paris, France
But if you have a patch of stony well- drained soil in full sun, try one of the Anthemis family.
With the mild autumn many are still growing strongly, including Anthemis Susan Mitchell and I am going to leave most of the foliage to protect the young shoots.
Existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners and Anthemis Group also participated in the round with major contributions.
These include OSI (Oxford Sciences Innovation), CIC (Cambridge Innovation Capital), ADV (Accelerated Digital Ventures), a joint venture with British Business bank which specialises in investee companies outside the London-Oxford-Cambridge triangle, Atomico, Anthemis, Kindred and Balderton.
Berth occupancy was observed at the port at 50% on Sunday where a total of eight ships namely, MSC Federica, Safmarine Ngami, Maersk Izmir, Anthemis, New Era, Frontier Leader, Khor Gas and Pacific Lagoon were occupied PQA berths to load/offload Containers, Coal, Canola Seeds, LPG, and Furnace oil respectively.