Anthony Burgess

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Burgess, Anthony

(bûr`jĭs), 1917–93, English novelist, b. Manchester as John Anthony Burgess Wilson, grad. Manchester Univ., 1940. He taught school in England and in East Asia and pursued an early interest in music. His novels are marked by a surreal, darkly comic imagination. Burgess is acknowledged to have been one of the most imaginative and experimental English prose stylists. Burgess's best-known work is A Clockwork Orange (1962), written in an imaginary teen slang and set in a classless, futuristic society, where an intelligent young hoodlum asserts his individuality by deliberately choosing to do evil. His many other works include the novels Inside Mr. Enderby (1961), MF (1971), Napoleon Symphony: A Novel in Four Movements (1974), Earthly Powers (1980), The Devil's Mode (1989), and the posthumously published A Dead Man in Deptford (1995) and Byrne (1997); as well as a study of James Joyce, Re Joyce (1968).


See his autobiographies, Little Wilson and Big God (1986) and You've Had Your Time (1991); studies by R. Mathews (1978), S. Cole (1981), and G. Aggler (1986).

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Liliana Burgess left no surviving relatives, "but her commitment to scholarship has led to the creation of the Anthony Burgess Centre at the University of Angers and the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester" (DT W.
how to go about his job" was none other than John Wilson, an undergraduate student of English literature at Manchester University, himself eventually to become an internationally acclaimed writer, known to the world as Anthony Burgess.
It should be noted that many of the novel's critics--and indeed, Anthony Burgess himself in his introduction to A Clockwork Orange (1987b, ix--view F.
The source material is drawn from diverse sources, Mandeville, Herder and Dumont, Anthony Burgess and travel writer, Jan Morris and even nationalist tracts printed on Scottish linen.
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I could not avoid him when pursuing doctoral studies in Old English literature, so enormously had he influenced early Medieval Western thought and art (and as I was writing my dissertation, the novelist Anthony Burgess published a novel based on Augustine's adventures against the Pelagians).
Madonna is not intelligent enough to see that" - Anthony Burgess
Ill-applied newspaper verbiage proves too much for Anthony Burgess.
My richest example is offered by the late novelist Anthony Burgess in his memoirs, You've Had Your Time: The Second Part of the Confessions.
There's a reference to this in the play, in a translation by Anthony Burgess - of 'Clock-Clock work Orange' fame - which has Lorne Campbell in raptures.
BORN ANTHONY Burgess, novelist, 1917 GEORGE Harrison, musician, 1943, above PIERRE Auguste Renoir, painter, 1941 DIED DONALD Bradman, cricketer, 2001, above CHARLIE Wayman, footballer, 2006 CHRISTOPHER Wren, architect, 1723
Gary Anthony Burgess absconded from an open prison Gary Anthony Burgess absconded from an open prison |and hitch-hiked back to Teesside