Anthony Fokker

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Anthony Fokker
BirthplaceKediri, East Java, Netherlands Indies (now Indonesia)
NationalityDutch, US
aircraft manufacturer

Fokker, Anthony

(fôk`ər), 1890–1939, Dutch-American aircraft manufacturer, b. Kediri, Java, as Anton Herman Gerard Fokker. He established aircraft factories in Germany before World War I and became famous as the builder of the Fokker triplanes and biplanes, which were employed by the Germans. He also developed an apparatus that allowed machine guns to fire through moving aircraft propellers. After the war he turned to the development of commercial aircraft. In 1922 he came to the United States and was later naturalized. He was for a time president of the Fokker Aircraft Corporation of America.


See his autobiography, The Flying Dutchman (1931, repr. 1972).

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In 1912 the Dutch aircraft designer, Anthony Fokker (1890-1939), started a company that, apart from a break between 1946 to 1966, went on to provide the Dutch flag carrier with airliners for 97 years.
KLM had recently painted one of its Fokker 70s, PH-KZU, in a special colour scheme that carried an image of Anthony Fokker, clad in his flying suit, on its tail and "Fokker --Thank you" titles on the fuselage.
There is much information on the work of Dutch airplane designer Anthony Fokker and his Triplane and Fokker F.
One hundred years ago, in 1915 Anthony Fokker, using a 1913 patent of Franz Schneider, designed an interrupter gear for his Eindeckers (monoplanes), after the Germans captured Roland Garros and his bullet-deflector-equipped airplane.
The first German aircraft that were produced in number with thick airfoils were made by the Fokker company and some uncertainty exists about whether or not Anthony Fokker simply appropriated Junker's airfoil technology or if it was legitimately obtained (Anderson 2002) (Weyl 1965).
Carmen no ha tenido inconveniente en dar los detalles sobre su nuevo amigo especial: se llama Edmon Fokker, es de origen anglo-holandes, reside en Amsterdam y es empresario y violinista, ademas de pertenecer a una adinerada familia, entre cuyos integrantes esta el pionero de la aviacion Anthony Fokker.
7 SEP 1925 Anthony Fokker demonstrates the Fokker trimotor Monoplane F.
I was disappointed that there were no entries on antiaircraft (flak) defenses, barrage balloons, cruise missiles, the Gulf War Air Power Survey Operation Bodenplatte, and individuals such as John Boyd, Anthony Fokker, Edgar Schmued, and George Welch (but these number only nine out of almost one thousand items).