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Powell, Anthony,

1905–2000, English novelist. A distinguished writer of social comedy, he is best known for his 12-volume novel sequence collectively entitled A Dance to the Music of Time, a detailed yet panoramic study of changes in the snobbish, insular world of the English upper and middle classes from World War I to the 1960s. Novels in the series include A Question of Upbringing (1951), The Acceptance World (1955), Casanova's Chinese Restaurant (1960), The Valley of Bones (1964), The Military Philosophers (1969), Books Do Furnish a Room (1971), and Hearing Secret Harmonies (1975). Powell's other novels include Afternoon Men (1931), From a View to a Death (1933), and The Fisher King (1986). He was also the author of a study of John Aubrey (1948), four volumes of memoirs (1976–82; abr. ed. To Keep the Ball Rolling, 2001), Journals, 1982–92 (3 vol., 1995–97), two collections of essays on writing (1990; 1991, rev. ed. 1994), and two plays (1972).


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