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in American history, opponents of the adoption of the federal Constitution. Leading Anti-Federalists included George MasonMason, James,
1909–84, British stage and film actor. Mason, trained at Cambridge as an architect, became a leading man in British films in the 1940s and thereafter an international star.
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, Elbridge GerryGerry, Elbridge
, 1744–1814, American statesman, Vice President of the United States, b. Marblehead, Mass. He was elected (1772) to the Massachusetts General Court, where he became a follower of Samuel Adams, who enlisted him in the colonial activities preceding the
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, Patrick HenryHenry, Patrick,
1736–99, political leader in the American Revolution, b. Hanover co., Va. Largely self-educated, he became a prominent trial lawyer. Henry bitterly denounced (1765) the Stamp Act and in the years that followed helped fan the fires of revolt in the South.
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, and George ClintonClinton, George,
1739–1812, American statesman, vice president of the United States (1805–1812), b. Little Britain, N.Y. Before he was 20 he served on a privateer and, in the French and Indian War, accompanied the regiment of his father, Charles Clinton, in the
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. Later, many of the Anti-Federalists opposed the policies of the Federalist partyFederalist party,
in U.S. history, the political faction that favored a strong federal government. Origins and Members

In the later years of the Articles of Confederation there was much agitation for a stronger federal union, which was crowned with success when the
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 and of Alexander HamiltonHamilton, Alexander,
1755–1804, American statesman, b. Nevis, in the West Indies. Early Career

He was the illegitimate son of James Hamilton (of a prominent Scottish family) and Rachel Faucett Lavien (daughter of a doctor-planter on Nevis and the estranged
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See M. Borden, ed., The Antifederalist Papers (1965); C. M. Kenyon, ed., The Antifederalists (1966).

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Elaborating Libby's argument, Beard claimed that Anti-Federalism drew its greatest numerical strength from back country regions, areas in which debt-ridden farmers sought pro-inflationary economic policies.
The exaggerated fear is the type of naivety the anti-federalism lobby seems to have.
Class-Stratified Anti-Federalism: The Diverging Interests of the Elites and Middling Sorts.
Foreign media coverage of reactions to the initiative focused on anti-federalism demonstrations in Tripoli and the angry response of the chairman of the National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Jalil.
The anti-federalism camp is divided into two main blocs.
To some extent, there were also hints of a more substantive parallelism between the original anti-federalism and the mid-1990's conservative surge.
This book is profound, persuasive, and a much-needed taxonomy of Anti-Federalism. The author has taken what was formerly an uncertain amalgam of ideas and has presented those ideas as a coherent and enduring strain in political thought and action.
You can add to this eclectic list, gay and women's rights, family values (or lack of them) and anti-federalism.
On the Carlisle Riot, see Saul Cornell, "Aristocracy Assailed: The Ideology of Backcountry Anti-Federalism" Journal of American History 76 (March 1990): 1148--72.
Senior opposition and administration congressmen are in agreement with the anti-federalism stand of Hugpong ng Pagbabago chairperson and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, saying that the country indeed is not yet ready for a shift to federalism as sought by President Rodrigo Duterte.
But look now, People from all walks of life - from the kingly businessman to the Godly clerics, to the pro and anti-Federalism politician, to the people in high society, to the ordinary man on the street, to the market vendor and even members of households.
Robredo said that an anti-federalism law should be passed first before discussions on federalism could begin.