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A technique used on a grey-scale or colour bitmap display to make diagonal edges appear smoother by setting pixels near the edge to intermediate colours according to where the edge crosses them.

The most common example is black characters on a white background. Without anti-aliasing, diagonal edges appear jagged, like staircases, which may be noticeable on a low resolution display. If the display can show intermediate greys then anti-aliasing can be applied. A pixel will be black if it is completely within the black area, or white if it is completely outside the black area, or an intermediate shade of grey according to the proportions of it which overlap the black and white areas. The technique works similarly with other foreground and background colours.

"Aliasing" refers to the fact that many points (which would differ in the real image) are mapped or "aliased" to the same pixel (with a single value) in the digital representation.
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(1) Smoothing the jagged appearance of diagonal lines in a bitmapped image. The pixels that surround the edges of the line are changed to varying shades of gray or color in order to blend the sharp edge into the background. This technique is also called "dithering," but is usually known as anti-aliasing when applied to diagonal and curved lines.

(2) Smoothing a distorted signal by applying various techniques that add data or filter out unwanted noise.

This teapot from the University of Utah was a famous first example of anti-aliasing applied to images. (Images courtesy of Computer Sciences Department, University of Utah.)

This teapot from the University of Utah was a famous first example of anti-aliasing applied to images. (Images courtesy of Computer Sciences Department, University of Utah.)
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Despite its simplicity, the 3D virtual scenes are photo-realistic and anti-aliased. Users can either use Neon's set design tools, or import virtual sets created using 3D Max, Maya, Softimage, or other common modeling software.
After number of tests it was found, that anti-aliased and slope pixels has some positive and negative and no coefficients with zero value.
Adobe Photoshop CS4 also taps the GPU for on-screen compositing of both 2D and 3D content, ensuring smoothly anti-aliased results regardless of zoom level.
With eZediaMX 3.0, users can annotate movies, layer objects, draw anti-aliased vector graphics and create templates for future use, all with an improved file format, which reduces the file size allowing for faster opening and saving times and the creation of more complex projects.
The Wildcat VPUs are the industry's first graphics processors that are programmable from high-order surfaces through to anti-aliased framebuffer pixels -- with highly efficient SIMD scalar processor arrays replacing hardwired logic and inflexible register-combiners at critical sections in a highly optimized graphics pipeline.
While the far background is anti-aliased, it's off-balanced by heavy aliasing in the foreground objects.Rating: 8/1017
X allows users to add anti-aliased lines and shapes to give documents a finished appearance, as well as enables true transparency so shapes, objects and pictures can be layered to reveal items behind them.
You can select colors with an eyedropper, paint colors in a gradient, and add plain or anti-aliased text to any picture.
For creating high-resolution, anti-aliased images with textures, patterns and reflections, the Photorealism module helps improve communication with clients and adds impact to presentations.
Voodoo's custom chip provides full 10-bit end-to-end processing, unrivaled color accuracy, soft blanking and built in anti-aliased safe area markers.