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Gemma, along with her husband Craig, believes that the anti-freeze was purposefully left out for Oscar and other cats in the area.
The vet said he was poisoned by anti-freeze. The marks suggested someone had squirted it at him."
He said the chances of a cat surviving anti-freeze poisoning are "extremely poor."
The largest Manufacturer of Brake fluids & Anti-Freeze Coolants, S-CCI - Golden Cruiser India is the OEM supplier for Anti Freeze Coolants & Brake fluids to various Auto-manufacturers including Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, Renault Nissan, Komatsu, MAN Trucks, Tata Motors, Force Motors, Bosch among others.
are given absolute protection from freeze-up with "Prestone" anti-freeze.
Elizabeth Jeffels: "Apparently, people are advised to put anti-freeze in water features so they don't freeze and crack over the winter.
Dianne took her pet to Value Vets in Stanley, where vet Louise Allmark immediately suspected he had ingested deadly anti-freeze, but it was too late to save him as he had suffered kidney failure.
A CAT lover who has lost two pets to anti-freeze poisoning has spoken out.
Anti-freeze is essential to keeping your car running smoothly during these chilly winter months.
Take care storing, using and disposing of anti-freeze and water coolant.
Bill Fennell, Managing Director of Motor Codes -- a British consumer watchdog for the automotive industry -- says "winter doesn't officially begin until December 21 this year, but there is no time like the present to ensure that anti-freeze is topped up, tyres and brakes are working well and your windscreen is clear.