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principal character of a modern literary or dramatic work who lacks the attributes of the traditional protagonist or hero. The anti-hero's lack of courage, honesty, or grace, his weaknesses and confusion, often reflect modern man's ambivalence toward traditional moral and social virtues. Literary characters that can be considered anti-heroes are: Leopold Bloom in James Joyce's novel Ulysses (1922), Willy Loman in Arthur Miller's play Death of a Salesman (1949), the bombardier Yossarian in Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22 (1961), and the protagonists of many of Philip Roth's and Kurt Vonnegut's novels.
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Instances of the mix of heroic and anti-heroic in romance are diverse.
"These warriors of the desk," she writes, "these songstitchers, these myth finders, while scaring you with their formidable gifts, do also bolster the heart, especially in this anti-heroic age where the all-consuming intellectual pursuit seems to be that of demystification" (Irish University Review, Spring 1998).
It is simply that when it comes to a choice between the banality and anti-heroic nature of the marketplace and the heady opportunities of crisis, especially military crisis, the decision is not hard to make.
Tuesday Tightrope ITV4 9pm Clint Eastwood is at his most anti-heroic in this dark thriller about a cop who realises he has a little too much in common with the serial killer he is hunting following a series of sexually motivated murders.
The sabra began to lose some of his luster in the late 1960s and early 1970s when the rise of an anti-heroic middle class challenged his primacy, Almog maintains.
He does not neglect the role of heroic (and anti-heroic) individuals, war, trade and public prejudice.
She explores how the heroic and the anti-heroic served as tools of partisan propaganda at moments of political crisis: the Restoration, the Exclusion Crisis, the Glorious Revolution, the Hanoverian Succession, and the 1745 Jacobite rebellion.
Cook is most amusing while emphasizing his sardonic edginess, a trait that may eventually serve him well in some anti-heroic (or downright villainous) dramatic role.
Six-Gun Two-Step is a dark, brutal novel of suspense following the decidedly anti-heroic Timmy Thomas, a mid-20's man who supplements the meager income from his dead-end job by dealing cocaine, when he's not using the drug on himself.
Concurrently, with the cumulative effects of his personal experiences as an African American, especially in the South, undergirded by his prodigious research of the history of cultures across the world, Yerby began questioning conventional religious beliefs in his anti-heroic popular novels; and in fact, he actually developed philosophical assumptions and beliefs that counter Christian theology.
Walkowitz's own essay, like Love's, works to uncover "anti-heroic impulses" within modernism that "help to shape alternative modes of political consciousness"--in this case by reconsidering the strategies of evasion and quietism, "the willingness to embrace uncommitted styles of attention," for which Woolf has so often been condemned (141-42).
One turns to the marvellous series of etchings from Jerusalem (1804-21), the themes of which grimly resonate today: we see 'Skofeld' in chains--war personified as an anti-heroic state of enslavement--and we behold 'Albion', the nation embodied, toiling in despair, self-enclosed in a mental prison.