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According to the study, in Preah Vihear, adverse reactions to the drugs led to changes in attitudes toward the intervention, exacerbated by 'rumours suggesting that the anti-malarial was different from that used [given]" by the village malaria workers.
Lomar et al, in their review of the disease, described ARDS to be more common in those patients with vivax malaria who travelled to endemic areas, did not take recommended anti-malarial prophylaxis and had no past history of malaria.
Severe malaria is defined by clinical or laboratory evidence of vital organ dysfunction and though there are strict definition of severe malaria, WHO recommends a low threshold of starting parenteral anti-malarial in any child about whom a health care worker is concerned to have severe disease4, and based on this for the purpose of our current study we classified a patient to had severe malaria who required admission and received parenteral anti-malarial.
In last year's cases reported by posts' health units, the patients were either not taking anti-malarial medications or not taking them correctly.
The study found evidence that malaria parasites in the area were developing resistance to artemisinin, which, when combined with other anti-malarial drugs, has offered one of the few effective treatments against P.
Early diagnosis and effective prescription of anti-malarial medication is vital.
Herbal extract of Andrographis paniculata combined with curcumin demonstrated in vivo anti-malarial activity in Balb/c mice infected with Plasmodium berghei ANKA (Mishra et al.
The main source of anti-Malarial drugs is based on a substance called artemisinin, a natural compound from Artemisia annua (sweet wormwood) plants, which is difficult to synthesize and expensive to obtain.
03 NON-TARIFF MEASURES AND THE FIGHT AGAINST MALARIA: Obstacles to trade in anti-malarial commodities
Other major topics include HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) as the dominant separation technique with a wide range of applications, methods and techniques for analyzing isoflavones in foods, liquid chromatography for determining mycotoxins in foods, and a historical overview of chromatography and related techniques in analyzing the anti-malarial drug primaquine.
He said it was good to see the launch of stamps marking milestones such as the development of the first anti-malarial drugs.
At the University Hospital Wales, Cardiff, Jon Bisson, director of research and development for Cardiff University's school of medicine, said: "The UK has a rich history of medical firsts and it is good to see the launch of these stamps marking important milestones such as the development of the first anti-malarial drugs.