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A series of anticlines and synclines that form a general arch or anticline.



a large and complexly structured series of folds in the strata of the earth’s crust that occurs in geosynclines as a result of major and protracted uplifts in the earth’s crust which are accompanied by folding processes and characterized by a general uplift in the center. The anti-clinorium may be many hundreds of kilometers long and scores of kilometers across; a particularly large anti-clinorium is called a meganticlinorium. Emerging on the surface are the more ancient and usually greatly metamorphosed rocks than in the adjacent synclinoria. The axes of the folds are often arranged in a fanlike pattern, with tilting of the folds toward the adjacent synclinoria. Zones of thrust disturbances, along which displacement of the rock masses in the same direction takes place, often develop on the wings of anticlinoria. Outcroppings of large intrusive bodies (granites and so forth) are often found in anticlinoria. Examples are the anticlinoria of the Glavnyi Kavkaz Range, the Uraltau, the Tarbagatai, and the Chingiz.

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The conglomerate includes boulders of the distinctive Ordovician Attean Quartz Monzonite from the Boundary Mountain anticlinorium to the northwest.
The main late Miocene to Quaternary tectonic structures in the Sierra Alhamilla region are the transpressive dextral-reverse Polopos Fault Zone that includes the dextral Gafarillos fault segments to the east of the ridge and their continuation towards the west as the North Alhamilla reverse fault (NARF) in the northern limb of the Alhamilla anticlinorium (Ott d'Estevou and Montenant, 1990; Stapel et al.
Similarly, some faults arising probably from compressional stresses, due to the upliftment of the Abakaliki anticlinorium (Ekine, 1989) were observed to be significant mostly in the northern and southeastern regions of the basin.
The regional structure is an anticlinorium dipping northeast or southwest (NE-SW) at an average of 27[degrees].
1) could be summarized as a basement of Upper Precambrian age which crops out in the center of the Olivenza-Monesterio anticlinorium, formed by successive levels of schists, graywackes, shales and graphitic quartzites affected by a low-grade regional metamorphism (Benito et al.
Some Ordovician conodont faunules from the Miramichi Anticlinorium, New Brunswick.
Mari anticline is located in the south of Fort Munro anticlinorium of Sulaiman Range.
The main surface expression of the BSFZ is an ENE-WSW trending anticlinorium that extends onshore from Zeneta to the Guardamar-Torrevieja coast (Fig.
Three newly discovered occurrences of brachiopods in Arenig/Llanvirn-age volcaniclastic rocks in Napadogan area of the Miramichi anticlinorium, New Brunswick link these rocks with the Shin Brook Formation about 125 km to the west in the Weeksboro-Lunksoos anticlinorium in Maine.
The Dodo deposit is located in the central part of the crystal-bearing Neroika Belt, situated near the axis of the Lyapni anticlinorium (a second-order structure related to the Urals mega-anticlinorium).
Iqbal and Helmcke (2004) suggest that the basement of Indo-Pakistan is involved in structural deformation of Zindapir Anticlinorium and its surroundings.