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A three-nucleotide sequence in transfer RNA that complements the codon in messenger RNA.



part of the transfer ribonucleic acid or tRNA (in Russian, transport RNA or t-RNA), consisting of three unpaired (free bond) nucleotides. This section is specifically paired with the codon of messenger RNA or mRNA (in Russian, information RNA or i-RNA), which assures the proper arrangement of each amino acid during protein synthesis.

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The traditional approach to producing more tRNAs would have been to change the anticodons of existing ones, giving rise to a new class of amino acids proliferating across the code while systematically reshuffling a large number of codons in the process.
The researchers changed the anticodon in their new tRNA to match up with the UAG stop codon instead of the codon for glutamine.
In Eucarya, tRNA introns are small and invariably interrupt the anticodon loop 1 base 3' to the anticodon.
I briefly explained the meanings of sense and antisense DNA strands, genetic code, codon and anticodon, exon and intron, cap and tail on mRNA, and the codon chart for amino acids.