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There he is, a world-famous rock star, wearing a white peaked cap, giving you a smile and happily acknowledging you as he makes his way from his villa on the east coast to the Antiguan capital of St John's.
MILLIONS of dollars have been spent by the Antiguan government on repairing its ailing tourism industry following last year's murders of a Welsh honeymoon couple.
Taking in the sights of Clarence House and driving through Antigua's lush rainforest, Lawrence was able to give an overview of Antiguan life and the country he loves and knows so well.
EAG treasurer Junior Prosper related that, today, the Antiguan Racer population stands at about 300, spread across Bird (GBI), Rabbit, Green, and York islands.
This idea is most apparent in A Small Place where she uses 81 pages to deliver critiques of English colonialism, tourism in Antigua, racism, corruption in the Antiguan government and local corporations, and local peoples' responses to these issues.
Almost every Antiguan landmark bears witness to the influence of the British on the island as cannons, forts and dockyards all bear testament to a past that is far removed, but far from forgotten.
Prof Olaoye told the Antiguan national newspaper: "Despite recent poor publicity with regard to the British couple murdered in Antigua this is more an exception rather than a rule, still we feel the pain of the family of the Mullanys and wish it had not happened.
If you get peckish on the way, a choice of mangoes, bananas, papayas, Antiguan gooseberries and pomegranates can be picked straight off the trees in the resort's lush tropical gardens.
Designed so that guests can enjoy Caribbean culture, it is truly an Antiguan experience.
When Codrington moved from Barbados to Betty's Hope in 1674, Antiguans had already switched from indigo, tobacco, ginger, and cotton to a monocrop industry based on cane sugar, a product rapidly gaining popularity in Europe.
She must linguistically do to them what they have done to the Antiguans. She speaks in A Small Place of the difficulty of using English:
11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington not only left three Antiguans dead but also had a negative impact on the economy, especially the vital tourism sector which accounts for more than 65% of the country's gross domestic product.