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see West IndiesWest Indies,
archipelago, between North and South America, curving c.2,500 mi (4,020 km) from Florida to the coast of Venezuela and separating the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico from the Atlantic Ocean.
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Locale-specific sugar packet opening by Lesser Antillean Bullfinches in Barbados.
In this respect, the Antillean and Central American tracks show congruence with the two main island arc systems in the Caribbean (i.
Ron under the Sun: Professor Ron Pickerill and the genesis of Antillean ichnology.
The companies COASTAL (Propagas and Tropigas), PROMIGAS, IPSON, InterEnergy and BW has formed the Antillean Gas Ltd.
Verges argues that Fanon's appeal to a true consciousness waiting to be unmasked enables his supposed disavowal of Antillean history in what Verges identifies as Fanon's "family romance" (1997, 589-90).
Furthermore, the cultural transformation that has brought Catholic Antillean and Spanish-American migrant workers is a threat to the declining White Protestant Dutch-speaking plantocracy class to which both the author and the protagonist belonged.
The various Afro-Surinamese, Antillean, Aruban and African organisations and organisations of Maroons and Indigenous peoples joined forces at the insistence of the Ministry of the Interior.
One very powerful tool for this re-reading of Fanon through a revisiting of his Antillean context is provided by Macey's biography of Fanon.
Some authors have considered the Mesoamerican component to be dominant, comprising approximately 60% of all species (Estrada-Loera 1991), while others report that the Antillean affinity could be the most important (Miller & Miller 2001).
for his discourse was Antillean, and Pan-American, and universal) a centre in the self that was not self-centredness, but new balance; new middle-strength.
Their topics include the history of Amerindian mitochondrial DNA lineages in Puerto Rico, site distribution patterns and radiocarbon chronologies in pre-Columbian Cuba, crossing the Guadeloupe Passage in the Archaic Age, Carriacou's chronological position in Antillean prehistory, and a genetic view of Caribbean prehistory and New World colonization.
Vila summarizes: "It wasn't an Antillean hurricane that decimated Nueva Cadiz but rather the extermination of the oyster banks which caused collective misery and abandonment, turning Nueva Cadiz into a dead city.