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A drug, such as quinacrine, that prevents or suppresses malaria.
Acting against malaria.



a medicinal preparation for the treatment and prophylaxis of malaria. Antimalarials are classified into several groups according to their selective or predominant effect on various forms of plasmodia. For example, quinacrine hydrochloride, chloroquine, and quinine kill schizonts in the blood and rapidly curtail malarial attacks, while quinocide and primaquine destroy malarial parasites in tissues and prevent future relapses of tertian and quartan malaria. For this reason, drugs of both groups are usually used with the above forms of malaria. Proguanil hydrochloride acts on the erythrocytic and sexual forms of plasmodia; it is especially effective against the pathogen that produces falciparum malaria. Quinocide and primaquine also kill the gamonts of pathogens and, as a result, the infected person remains noninfective for the mosquito. Quinine is usually used in regions where the pathogens that produce falciparum malaria are resistant to chloroquine. The administration of antimalarials, such as chloroquine, to healthy individuals is used in the chemoprophylaxis of malarial foci.

Most antimalarials are obtained synthetically. Quinine, for example, is an alkaloid of a cinchona tree. Antimalarials are also used to treat certain diseases caused by protozoans or helminths; for example, quinacrine hydrochloride is used to treat amebiasis, giardiasis, and leishmaniasis, while pyrimethamine is used to treat toxoplasmosis.


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7 in 80 grams bond paper, letter-size color (black),stubs 100 printing 100 sheets each in letter size bond paper 80 grams to report antimalarials and supplies: 1.
Amongst 18 deaths, seven patients had received antimalarials before onset of breathlessness (39%), whereas amongst survived patients six had received antimalarials before onset of breathlessness (50%).
The maker of Huggies brand diapers and baby wipes donated $100,000 to the Po1 campaign in June, which was matched by Novartis, providing 200,000 antimalarial treatments to Kenya, where the company works.
A report in the July 31 New England Journal of Medicine establishes that the scourge has found a way to skirt the effects of artemisinin and its chemical derivatives, the best available antimalarial drugs.
The Central Council for Research in Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Unani under Department of Ayush has also patented and commercialised an antimalarial drug AYUSH 64," said Dr Harsh Vardhan.
Using a mouse model of cerebral malaria, they show that when they give rosiglitazone in addition to antimalarial drugs at the onset of cerebral malaria symptoms, mice are more likely to survive, and the survivors which had received rosiglitazone did not show the brain abnormalities or cognitive defects seen in surviving mice that had only received antimalarial drugs.
1-3] Malaria case management encompasses prompt and effective treatment to minimise morbidity and mortality, reduce transmission and prevent the emergence and spread of antimalarial drug resistance.
vivax which are resistant to first and second line antimalarials (multidrug resistant or MDR) have motivated the search for new drugs representing new and distinct chemical classes and mechanisms of action than those of the antimalarial drugs currently in use.
Due to the emergence of resistance of available traditional antimalarials by malaria parasites, an exploration of a new therapeutic agent was considered.
With antimalarials, remember that patience is important.
It is vital that you complete your course of antimalarials and take them exactly as instructed.
To the Editor: Resistance of Plasmodiumfalciparum to antimalarial drugs is one of the most worrying problems in tropical medicine.