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dynasty reigning in Palestine at the time of Jesus. As a dynasty the Herods depended largely on the power of Rome. They are usually blamed for the state of virtual anarchy in Palestine at the beginning of the Christian era.

Antipater (fl. c.65 B.C.
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A central issue of this story concerns the marital history of Herodias and Antipas, which was one of John's most notable criticisms of the ruling family.
Herod Antipas (20 BC-AD 39), the son of Herod the Great (74-4 BC) by the Samaritan Malthace, was the tetrarch of Galilee.
We know that Herod Antipas, one of the three sons of Herod the Great, had hoped to succeed his father as King of the Jews, but the Roman Emperor Augustus decided otherwise.
AECOM Technology Corporation (NYSE:ACM), a provider of professional technical and management support services, on Tuesday named Lynn Antipas Tyson as its senior vice president of investor relations, replacing Paul Cyril who managed investor relations as well as its financial planning and analysis functions (FP&A), as SVP.
Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi, the Congolese foreign minister, repeated the charge to the Reuters news agency.
YAs would have to have a strong interest in the period of this novel to persevere: the convoluted maneuvering of evil rulers like Herod Antipas and his lover, Salome's mother, are detailed and nasty.
The thirty-one authors write about locations (i.e., Bethsaida, Mount Tabor, Mount Zion), people (i.e., Pilate, Judas, Antipas), places (i.e., cemeteries, the temple, synagogues), practices (i.e., exorcism, spirituality, baptism), and theology (i.e., John's Gospel, the resurrection, the historical Jesus).
That is 50 years of Herod Antipas' income, or 150,000 years of a laborer's wages.
The renewal of the Covenant could hardly be a resigned acceptance of a status quo dominated by the quasi-messianic Herod Antipas. Instead it was a radical statement that the true children of Abraham were those who deferred to the prophets and sought justice, defended the oppressed, and confronted the structures of corruption.
However, on a more sombre note (especially to his Roman audience) Josephus indicates that John's preaching alarmed Herod Antipas, who feared that John's eloquence would lead some people into sedition ([epsilon] [pi] [iota] [alpha] [pi] [omicron] [sigma] [tau] [alpha] [sigma] [epsilon] [iota] , Ant.