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(ăntĭp`ətər), d. 319 B.C., Macedonian general. He was one of the ablest and most trusted lieutenants of Philip IIPhilip II,
382–336 B.C., king of Macedon (359–336 B.C.), son of Amyntas II. While a hostage in Thebes (367–364), he gained much knowledge of Greece and its people.
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 and was a friend and supporter of Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great
or Alexander III,
356–323 B.C., king of Macedon, conqueror of much of Asia. Youth and Kingship

The son of Philip II of Macedon and Olympias, he had Aristotle as his tutor and was given a classical education.
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. When Alexander went on his Asian campaign, Antipater was left as regent (334–323 B.C.) in Macedon. He resisted the attempt of Olympias to gain the regency and governed ably except that his policy of supporting tyrants and oligarchs made him unpopular in Greece. After the death of Alexander he put down a rebellion of many of the Greek cities in the Lamian War and punished Athens. By imposing a more oligarchic form of government on Athens, he drove Demosthenes to commit suicide. Antipater was a leading opponent of the regent, Perdiccas, and after Perdiccas was defeated in 321 by Ptolemy I, Antigonus I, and Craterus, it was Antipater who held the kingdom together. After his death it fell violently apart in the wars of the DiadochiDiadochi
[Gr.,=successors], the Macedonian generals and administrators who succeeded Alexander the Great. Alexander's empire, the largest that the world had known to that time, was quickly built. At his death in 323 B.C. it disintegrated even more quickly.
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in the New Testament: see HerodHerod,
dynasty reigning in Palestine at the time of Jesus. As a dynasty the Herods depended largely on the power of Rome. They are usually blamed for the state of virtual anarchy in Palestine at the beginning of the Christian era.

Antipater (fl. c.65 B.C.
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Besides these recurring opinions, there is the additional information in Arius that some of the school thought that the Earth was the hegemonikon, and in Diogenes that, whereas Posidonius follows the opinion of Chrysippus, Antipater thinks that aether is the command-centre.
Enter at one Doore, Augustus triumphant with his Romans; at another Antipater: he kneeles and giues Augustus Letters; which lookt on, Augustus raises him, sets him in his Chayre, and Crownes him, sweares him on his Sword, and delivers him Letters: then, Enter Niraleus, he giues Antipater Letters; hee shewes them to Augustus; then, imbracing, they take leaue and depart seuerally.
It also tells how twelve Magi including the "three wise men" Melchior the Iranian Shah, Gudapharasa King of India and Balthazar King of Arabia evaded the brutal forces of Hordos Antipater to witness Jesus's birth.
In the text of Hero and Antipater (1622), Rhodes argues for the importance of this play in terms of its subject matter.
He calls both Herod the Great and Herod Antipas Jews, but the mother of the former was a Nabataean, and the mother of the latter a Samaritan; and their Idumean blood from grandfather Herod Antipater made Jews deeply suspicious of them.
Even then, all Otto says is 'At this time Jesus Christ, the son of God, but according to the flesh a son of David, was born of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem at Judaea'.86 What Otto deals with as an almost incidental event under the heading of the world peace introduced by the Romans, in the 42nd year of Augustus's reign, the 752nd from the foundation of the city, in the 193rd Olympiad, and 5,500 years since Adam was born (where Otto began his Chronica), and when an alien was ruling in Judaea, one Herod, son of Antipater, Orderic made the foundation stone of his Historia Ecclesiastica.
Therefore, during that month, the following had to occur: (a) Herod became sick and died of a horrible wasting disease, but not before (b) being taken to warm baths and treated; (c) executing his son Herod Antipater after also having made him co-regent (causing a bemused Caesar Augustus to observe that it was better to be Herod's pig than his son, since Jews do not kill or eat pigs); (d) dying and being buried after a magnificent funeral which needed days to prepare; (e) this was followed by a seven-day mourning period and (f) followed by yet another mourning period for those whom Herod had executed before the eclipse.
Perdiccas, Craterus, Antipater, Antigonus, Leonnatus, Seleucus, Ptolemy, and their colleagues were all graduates of a remarkable school of military and political experience, and -- as Meleager quickly learned -- a wrongly played hand meant death.
(5) Antipatros (or Antipater in Latinised form) was a poet 'whose datable poems range between e.
Plutarch mentions Onesicritus as one of a host of authors who relate a meeting between Alexander and the queen of the Amazons, which Plutarch himself characteristically rejects in favour of a letter of Alexander to Antipater, in which Alexander tells of an offer by the Scythian king to marry his daughter but omits any mention of the Amazon (46.1-3; cf.