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The SOS3 and SOS2 complex activates plasma membrane-localized Na+/H+ antiporter SOS1.
antiporter resulted in higher photosynthetic performance and higher nitrogen assimilation rates as compared with wild-type cotton plants.
Erasin, an oncogenic RAS-selective lethal compound, as well as the kinase inhibitor sorafenib have been identified to inhibit the cysteine-glutamate antiporter complex [x.
105) Oxidative toxicity is caused by high concentrations of glutamate suppressing the cystine/ glutamate antiporter, which imports cystine into cells with reciprocal export of glutamate.
As a member of the Na+/H+ antiporter family the OCA2 protein is thought to play an essential role in maintaining the acid pH of the melanosomes which regulates the tyrosinase activity.
AS-like phenotypes have also been described with mutations in SLC9A6 [solute carrier family 9, subfamily A (NHE6, cation proton antiporter 6), member 6], TCF4 (transcription factor 4), and MECP2 (methyl CpG binding protein 2) (9, 10).
An antiporter allows movement of one molecule against its concentration gradient and never allows other molecules to go inside.
Expression of an Arabidopsis vacuolar sodium/proton antiporter gene in cotton improves photosynthetic performance under salt conditions and increases fiber yield in the field.