(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Antiscion is a somewhat confusing term that has, unfortunately, come to be used for more than one notion. Picture the wheel of the zodiac and imagine a straight line from 0° Cancer to 0° Capricorn so as to divide the circle into two equal halves. If a planet is located at an angular distance of 45° away from this dividing line (e.g., at 15° Taurus), its antiscion would be 45° in the opposite direction from the line (e.g., at 15° Leo). If another planet happens to be located at or very near the antiscion of the first planet, the two planets are said to have a relationship with each other comparable to a conjunction aspect. This is the traditional meaning of the term.

Some astrologers have extended the term to apply to points at equal angular distances from the ascendant-descendant axis (i.e., at equal distances above and below the horizon) in an individual horoscope.


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