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, Lat. Antium, town (1991 pop. 33,497), in Latium, central Italy, on the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is a seaside resort with a fishing industry. A Volscian town, it was captured by Rome in 341 B.C. and became a favorite resort of the Romans.
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, Italy.
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When Coriolanus met Aufidius in Antium, aside from Aufidius's coughing laugh at Coriolanus's "service," each stood silent and motionless as the other spoke, Coriolanus leaning back with a slightly pained look as be listened.
Even when hostilities have ceased and his great enemy has retired to Antium he longs for yet another self-defining confrontation: ~I wish I had a cause to seek him there | To oppose his hatred fully' (III.
Contemporary historian Tacitus says Nero was actually 30 miles away, in Antium, when the Great Fire of 64AD started - and that he supported his people with new social housing.
Wearing rags, Coriolanus crawled to Aufidius's house in Antium. Michael Elich as Aufidius clasped him heartily, emphasizing visually the eroticism of their shared love of violence.
He supposedly played the lyre and was 50 miles away in Antium when he heard the news.
Or is Antium a despotic society where self-expression meets brutal repression?
His colleague, Compositor B, had had similar trouble with 'Antiats' (men from Antium) a few lines earlier.
(11) Note that at Praeneste and Antium sortes were used as a form of divination (Cicero, De divin.
Zawadzki (Fribourg, 1989) 211-14 (on the inscription ILS 1455 from Antium, recording a sacerdos confarreationum et diffarreationum).
Dressed in the heavy long coat and hat of a depression-era vagrant who had just spent a long day in search of a soup kitchen, Coriolanus entered up-stage into an Antium bathed in eerie red light.