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a hypothetical cosmic object (a type of star or galaxy) that consists of antimatter. The hypothesis of the existence of antimatter and antiworlds was stated in 1933 by P. Dirac but has not been confirmed or disproved by observations. The electromagnetic radiation from stars and antistars is identical, so that it is impossible to distinguish between them by optical or radioastronomical methods. Other methods, such as those of neutrino astronomy, theoretically make these observations possible, since stars radiate mainly the neutrino and antistars, the antineutrino, but the existing apparatus (in the 1960’s) is not sufficiently sensitive. The problem of antiworlds became complicated after the discovery of violations of the law of conservation of parity (1957, 1964); it is not completely clear whether antiworlds should be represented, as before, as objects made of antimatter existing in ordinary space-time or whether they should be considered as existing in some “reversed” space-time.


Alfvén, H. Miry i antimiry. Moscow, 1968. (Translated from Swedish.)


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Is it any surprise that immigrants encountering the antiworld of postmodern "culture" often fall back on more certain and substantial identities based on the strongest ties human beings share--blood and religious faith?
Most of us would be happier in the world of nature and tradition than in the antiworld our betters have constructed, just as most of us would be happier in a traditional house than a dwelling unit designed by a cutting-edge architect.
11) Gogol' also portrayed the provinces as feminine but showed them as a demonic antiworld in which women ruled.
The world and society of the puszta inhabitants, in which Hans is halfway integrated, is a type of antiworld - and it simultaneously complements the world from which Hans comes.
His two first volumes of poetry, Parabola and Mosaics, were soon followed by other often imaginatively and sometimes modernistically titled works, among them "Triangular Pear" ("Treugol'naya grusha"), Antiworlds (Antimiry, 1964), Heart of Achilles (Akhillesovo serdtse, 1966), Shadow of Sound (Ten' zvuka, 1970), Let the Bird Out