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What does it mean when you dream about antlers?

Because they are particularly characteristic of certain male animals, antlers tend to represent masculinity, masculine sexuality (virility), and male aggression (particularly conflict between males). In a dream, they may represent masculine power and assertiveness or a metaphorical “trophy of the hunt.”

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metaphorical decoration for deceived husband. [Western Folklore: Jobes, 395]
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Significantly weakened, their antlers drop as deciduously as autumn leaves.
Elk shed their antlers naturally every year, and the antlers are collected, cut into segments and then sold as elk antler dog treats.
A SPATE of deer deaths is being investigated by police who believe their antlers may have been removed as trophies.
The share of wild animal bones is quite small also among Bronze Age faunal remains in other parts of Europe, being usually less than 10%; the most frequent animal is red deer, whose antlers were used for making tools (e.g.
Antlers, a type of bone, adorn the heads of members of the deer family (Cervidae).
Simply mount the bracket to your wall or desired location, use the included bit to drill into the base of the antlers, place an insert into the antler bases, and then attach the antlers to the hex stems.
TODAY'S LIVE IN-PLAY STREAMING FOOTBALL Lack of match fitness could cost Antlers dear Kashima Antlers the biggest fixtures in their history.
Summary: Antlers have slight advantage being the finalists in the 2016 edition whereas Guadalajara are set for debut
The survivors will begin to grow their yearling set of antlers. Based on a number of factors, including birth date, habitat quality, genetics, etc., the remaining 90 (10 died of natural mortality) yearling antlered bucks will possess slightly different antler characteristics and scores.
After the big-game seasons conclude, Americans return to the deer woods in search of shed antlers. But this quest for calcium gold is more than mere fun; it can cast light on the shadowy habits of big bucks.