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What does it mean when you dream about antlers?

Because they are particularly characteristic of certain male animals, antlers tend to represent masculinity, masculine sexuality (virility), and male aggression (particularly conflict between males). In a dream, they may represent masculine power and assertiveness or a metaphorical “trophy of the hunt.”


metaphorical decoration for deceived husband. [Western Folklore: Jobes, 395]
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The 49-year-old Fijian faces the possibility of a worldwide suspension after admitting he had used a deer antler spray that has previously been found to contain a banned growth hormone.
Though antlers are typically a male appendage, some female whitetails having abnormally high testosterone levels aberrantly produce small ones.
Moose (Alces alces) develop large antlers during a relatively short growing period, requiring an intake of nutrients and expenditure of energy above that required for maintenance of basal functions (Stewart et al.
The first clinic was held with Yokohama F Marinos, one of the most popular J-League clubs in the country, whilst the second was held in collaboration with Kashima Antlers FC.
Elk shed their antlers naturally every year, and the antlers are collected, cut into segments and then sold as elk antler dog treats.
There are a number of companies selling deer antler chews.
A SPATE of deer deaths is being investigated by police who believe their antlers may have been removed as trophies.
POACHERS have been Killing deer and sawing off their antlers - worth as little as pounds 10.
Washington, November 28 (ANI): Material scientists are expressing interest in stiff deer antlers as they can be used to build tough weapons.
Modern whitetail science proves that even fully mature bucks across much of the whitetail's range will struggle to produce antlers that surpass 140 inches.
After the big-game seasons conclude, Americans return to the deer woods in search of shed antlers.