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One of the few open clusters in Antlia, ESO 435SC09, can be found if one draws an imaginary triangle between NGC 2997 and the magnitude 4.7 theta Antliae.
Similarly reconstituted, Scorpius, the Scorpion, became a Brontosaurus, and Sagittarius, the Archer, was retooled to dispense fuel as Antlia Gasolina, the Petrol Pump.
Worth Viewing (binoculars or telescope) Object Type Con 47 Tucanae Glcl Tuc M77 Glxy Cet Orion Nebula BrtN Ori Tarantula Nebula BrtN Dor Herschel's Jewel Box OpCl Cru Centaurus A Glxy Cen M41 OpCl Cma Omega Centauri GlCl Cen NGC 253 Glxy Scl NGC 247 Glxy Cet NGC 246 Plnb Cet Coalsack DrkN Cru Fornax A Glxy For M48 OpCl Hya Full details on pages 82 to 84 Constellations Day Constellation 03 Pyxis 09 Hydra 11 Vela 21 Sextans 22 Antlia 24 Leo Minor 28 Chameleon Date of midnight culmination.
Some of them have been shortened, thankfully: Antlia (the Air Pump), Caelum (the Chisel), Circinus (the Drawing Compass), Fornax (the Furnace), Horologium (the Clock), Mensa (the Table, named for Table Mountain in South Africa), Microscopium (the Microscope), Norma (the Square), Octans (the Octant), Pictor (the Painter's Easel), Pyxis (the Mariner's Compass), Reticulum (the Net), Sculptor (the Sculptor), and Telescopium (the Telescope).
His air pump (Antlia) and furnace (Fornax) reflect investigations of experimental science, and the microscope (Microscopium) also salutes scientific study.
Constellations Day Constella Day Constellation 03 Pyxis 22 Antlia 09 Hydra 24 Leo Minor 11 Vela 28 Chameleon 21 Sextans Date of midnight culmination.
Later in September it will emerge in the Southern Hemisphere's predawn sky, moving south through Hydra and Antlia. Around the time of perihelion--September 22nd at 0.90 a.u.
Far too often in the past, I needed my Sky Atlas 2000.0 simply to determine the location of Uranometria's charts in tough, star-poor fields such as Antlia and Camelopardalis.
His constellations read like a Who's Not Who list of the southern sky: Antlia Pneumatica, the Air Pump; Caelum, the Engraving Tool; Circinus, the Geometer's Compasses; Fornax Chemica, the Chemist's Furnace; Horologium Oscillatorium, the Pendulum Clock; Mons Mensae, Table Mountain, which overlooked Lacaille's observatory; Microscopium, the Microscope; Norma et Regula, the Level and Square; Octans, the Octant; Pictor, the Painter's Easel; Pyxis Nautica, the Ship's Compass; Reticulum Rhomboidalis, the eyepiece reticle with which Lacaille measured star positions; Sculptor, the Sculptor's workshops; and Telescopium, the Telescope.
Constellations Day Constellation Day Constellation 03 Pyxis 22 Antlia 09 Hydra 24 Leo Minor 11 Vela 28 Chameleon 21 Sextans Date of midnight culmination.
Sir John's discoveries included a rich collection of "nebulae," now known as the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster, which spans the constellations Antlia, Hydra, and Centaurus.