Antoine Coysevox

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Coysevox, Antoine


Born Sept. 29, 1640, in Lyon; died Oct. 10, 1720, in Paris. French sculptor. Became a member of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris in 1676 (professor there from 1677).

Coysevox sculpted statues for parks, tombs, reliefs, and por-trait busts. His reliefs include the decorative sculpture at the Palace of Versailles in the Hall of Mirrors (1680) and the Salon de la Guerre (1683). He did portrait busts of L. Condé (bronze, 1688, Louvre, Paris) and P. Mignard (terra-cotta, Hermitage, Leningrad). Coysevox combines plastic vividness and refinement with outward emotionalism. Particularly in his portraits, he blends lifelike expression with cold idealization. Coysevox also combines baroque elements with emerging classicist norms.


Benoist, L. Coysevox. Paris, 1930.
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