Jussieu, Antoine Laurent de

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Jussieu, Antoine Laurent de


Born Apr. 12, 1748, in Lyon; died Sept. 17, 1836, in Paris. French botanist, member of the Paris Academy of Sciences (1782). Nephew of B. de Jussieu. Director of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris from 1770 to 1826.

Jussieu developed the first natural system of plant taxonomy (1789), an important stage in the history of classification. He arranged plants in ascending order, beginning with algae and fungi and ending with flowering plants, and introduced the concept of family into botany. He subscribed to the view that species are invariable.


Genera plantarum secundum ordines naturales disposita. Paris, 1789.


Stafleu, F. A. Introduction to Jussieu’s “Genera plantarum.” Weinheim, 1964.
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In March 1796 he proposed to Antoine de Jussieu at the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle a botanical voyage to the Caribbean.
The theory of Mercati was only discussed in the 18th century: Antoine de Jussieu in his 1724 lecture to the Academie des Sciences drew the parallel between Caribbean and Canadian stone tools and those discovered in Europe (Jussieu 1875).