Anton Coolen

Coolen, Anton


Born Apr. 17, 1897, in Wijlré; died Nov. 9, 1961, in Waalre. Dutch writer.

Coolen was a representative of the regional novel in Dutch literature. His novels The Children of Our People (1928), The Workers From Peel (1930), and The Kind Killer (1931) depict the life of Brabant’s workers. Coolen sought to pass beyond the limits of the regional theme in the novels The Village on the River (1935) and Three Brothers (1936). Between 1941 and 1959 he published the collection Fairy Tales of Different Lands. In the book The Woman and the Six Loafers (1953) peasant reality is interwoven with fantastic adventures. In plays written in the 1950’s, Coolen turned to legendary subjects (The Seven Roses, 1952, and other works).


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