Anton Graff

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Graff, Anton


Born Nov. 18. 1736. in Winterthur; died June 22, 1813. in Dresden. Swiss painter.

Graff did most of his work in Germany; he began teaching at the Academy of Arts in Dresden in 1766. He painted over 1,500portraits (including a self-portrait, c. 1794, Dresden Art Gallery) and made 322 portrait miniatures with a silver stylus, depicting several prominent writers, philosophers, and scientists. Graff’s realistic portraits are imbued with the spirit of the bourgeois enlightenment of the 18th and early 19th century and are marked by their simplicity and absence of idealization. Graff emphasized the modesty, dignity, and freedom and ease of manner in the people he painted.


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Gareis was a student of the noted portrait painter Anton Graff, who had painted a portrait of Schlegel in 1798.
Contract award: Road construction works - BorsbergstraE-e / Schandauer Street 1 BA between Anton Graff and street JunghansstraE-e, Lot 1 - road, rail construction and utilities.
Those two artists were Adrian Zingg and Anton Graff, who were appointed in 1766 to the Dresden Academy of Art.
The region is so named because two Swiss artists, Adrian Zingg and Anton Graff, appointed in 1766 to the Dresden Academy of Art, thought the region looked like their homeland, the Swiss Jura.