Anton Semenovich Budilovich

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Budilovich, Anton Semenovich


Born May 24 (June 5), 1846, in Grodno Province; died Dec. 19, 1908 (Jan. 1, 1909), in St. Petersburg. Russian linguist and Slavist. Professor at the University of Warsaw beginning in 1881.

Budilovich’s early works were devoted to the study of M. V. Lomonosov. His main works include Study of the Language of the Old Slavonic Translation of the 13 Words of Grigorii Bogoslov (1871), Sketch of Church Slavonic Grammar (1883), and Common Slavic Ranked With Other Common Languages of Ancient and Modern Europe (vols. 1-2, 1892). Budilovich’s unfinished work The Primitive Slavs in Their Language, Way of Life, and Ideas According to Lexical Data (parts 1-2, 1878-82) is still valued for its wealth of factual material.

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(16) In particular, he asserted that "in carrying out a spelling reform, we should remember that our literary language is the same for all Russians, whatever their dialect or speech, be they Great Russian, White Russian, or Little Russian, [and] that it is our duty not to invent spelling novelties that could make it harder for any part of the Russian people to read Russian books." (17) The Slavist Anton Semenovich Budilovich (1846-1908) took up this argument in turn.