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A configuration of (computer) keyboard keys arranged to increase the speed and ease of typing over the normal qwerty layout; the most common characters (for English) have been put on the home row.

The standard Dvorak International layout is:

`~ 1! 2@ 3# 4% 5^ 6^ 7& 8* 9( 0) [\{ ]\} \\| '" ,< .> p y f g c r l /? += a o e u i d h t n s -_ ;: q j k x b m w v z

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com/4226411/antonin-scalia-family-children/) he told author of "American Original: The Life and Constitution of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia" Joan Biskupic that Maureen was "the product of the best decision I ever made.
The new publication is dominated by a series of letters Kovarik wrote and sent from America to Sourek, primarily those dating from 1927 and 1929-30, yet the book encompasses the entire correspondence between the two men available, that is, a set of almost 60 letters written between 1927 and 1950, which are part of Otakar Sourek's personal effects, now maintained at the National Museum - Antonin Dvofak Museum in Prague.
The influences of Antonin Artaud, the Sierra Tarahumara, Mexico, peyote and the Surrealist movement are obvious.
What is nice is to meet new people," Antonin confided, adding, "to know new places.
Antonin has lost count of the number of shows of this kind that he has done; he has put together such shows in 20 different countries.
Peguero aclara que Antonin no estara en Mexico "porque proyectara en Argentina su documental Cronica de una catastrofe anunciada", sobre el terremoto ocurrido el pasado 12 de enero en la isla antillana.
There's good stuff here, and, if Dolan continues as a helmer, he'll probably look back in 10 years and groan at the obvious novice elements, including the Antonin Artaud/Arthur Rimbaud "homage.
El libro L'economie science des interets passionnes, publicado en 2008 por Latour y Vincent Antonin Lepinay bajo el sello La Decouverte, es un estudio critico de la obra de Gabriel Tarde que invita a repensar la historia economica y la economia politica para, en palabras de los autores, "recuperar nuestro pasado de forma distinta y, por lo tanto, definir tambien de forma distinta nuestro futuro.
was attended by Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas.
In a recent opinion upholding a death statute in Kansas, even Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia acknowledges that a minute risk of executing an innocent person does exist.
The political thought of Justice Antonin Scalia; a Hamiltonian on the Supreme Court.
Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, speaking to students at the University of Freiburg in Switzerland, March 8