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A configuration of (computer) keyboard keys arranged to increase the speed and ease of typing over the normal qwerty layout; the most common characters (for English) have been put on the home row.

The standard Dvorak International layout is:

`~ 1! 2@ 3# 4% 5^ 6^ 7& 8* 9( 0) [\{ ]\} \\| '" ,< .> p y f g c r l /? += a o e u i d h t n s -_ ;: q j k x b m w v z

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Despite my misgivings about the graphic form of the score, the scholarly import of this edition of the serenata is indubitable, and we can certainly consider the edition a valuable contribution to our knowledge of the musical culture of the Jaromerice court of Count Questenberg, as well as the fascinating oeuvre of Frantisek Antonin Mica, which we are only still beginning to acquaint ourselves with.
Later, Antonin Baudry turns his government experience into a French farce-meets-The Office in a funny graphic novel called 'Quai d'Orsay.'
The late justice spoke highly of his wife: (http://time.com/4226411/antonin-scalia-family-children/) he told author of "American Original: The Life and Constitution of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia" Joan Biskupic that Maureen was "the product of the best decision I ever made."
Colman McCarthy's article on Justice Antonin Scalia's embarrassing (to the Christian Gospel) tenure on the Supreme Court points out how we fail to allow God to work through us for the common good.
This opera was composed by the Czech Nationalist composer, Antonin DvoA...a,,C/ak.
"What is nice is to meet new people," Antonin confided, adding, "to know new places."
He will play alongside two other instrumentalists with whom he has formed the Antonin Trio - Antonin was the first name of the composer Dvorak.
Organised by French author Antonin Potoski, the small exhibition Au entitled AaeReal LifeAAE Au in an open room on the first floor of the centre displays 22 photographs by students of the centre, sorted and selected by Antonin.
It doesn't help that Hubert keeps silent about his personal life, including that he's gay and has a boyfriend in classmate Antonin Rimbaud (Francois Arnaud)--Chantale finds out by chance when Antonin's hip mother Helene (Patricia Tulasne) sympathetically kvells.