Antonio Feliciano de Castilho

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António Feliciano de Castilho
BirthplaceLisbon, Portugal
Writer, poet

Castilho, António Feliciano de


Born Jan. 28, 1800, in Lisbon; died there June 18, 1875. Portuguese poet.

Castilho’s first collections of idyllic poetry were Letters of Echo to Narcissus (1821) and Spring (1822). The narrative poems Night in the Castle (1836) and Jealousy of the Bard (1838) and the collection Autumn (1863) reflect romantic trends. Elegiac motifs and descriptions of nature are characteristic of Castilho’s poems. Late in life, Castilho took part in the “Coimbra question,” a polemic on Portuguese literature, he defended the outmoded principles of romantic art against realism.


Obras completas, vols. 1–80. Lisbon, 1903–10.


Castelo Branco, C. Castilho-Alguns, aspectos vivos da sua obra. Lisbon, 1935.
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In 1865, Antonio Feliciano de Castilho was asked by the publisher Antonio Maria Pereira to write an afterword to a new book of poems by Manuel Joaquim Pinheiro Chagas, entitled Poema da Mocidade [Poem of Youth].
The Almanach de Lembrancas was founded by Alexandre Magno de Castilho, brother of the prestigious romantic poet Antonio Feliciano de Castilho (1800-75).
3) In Raimundo Correia's obituary (1859-1911), which appeared in the Almanach of 1913, the poet is presented as a faithful disciple of Antonio Feliciano de Castilho, and still very attached to Portuguese literature.
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