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Gaudí, Antonio


(full name, Antonio Gaudí y Cornet). Born June 26, 1852, in Reus, near Tarragona; died June 10, 1926, in Barcelona. Spanish architect.

Gaudí lived in Barcelona from 1868 and studied at the Higher Technical School of Architecture. In the fanciful structures designed by Gaudí (mainly in Barcelona)—for example, in the Sagrada Familia Church (1884-1926), which endows the composition of a Gothic cathedral with a mystical spirit, and in houses in the art-nouveau style (Casa Batlló, 1905-07; Casa Milá, 1905-10)—the boldly curved volumes and architectural innovations (parabolic arches, inclined supports, lightened vaults) create an effect of fantastic curvilinear forms that appear to have been molded by hand.


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Antonio Gaudi invented a complex column-and-roof system that boggles the mind.
Review with second grade students the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Antonio Gaudi and Buckminster Fuller.
Barcelona : Fall under a Spanish spell with sangria, tapas, Catalan heat and the undulating architecture of Antonio Gaudi, during a full two days in this gem of the Western Mediterranean.
Catalan architects, including Antonio Gaudi and Puig Cadafalch, expressed their creativity in the residences of the bourgeoisie, resulting in some of the most breathtaking exteriors imaginable.
Catalonia's other towering artistic figure is Antonio Gaudi, who has left a lasting impression on Barcelona.
Wherever you look, there are fantastic cathedrals, churches, parks and sculptures - and they're mostly the work of Antonio Gaudi (1852-1926).
As a student of architectural history, he was influenced by the fanciful works of Spain's Antonio Gaudi and the eclectic mixed-media texturing of Watts Towers.
The Segrada Familia, the famed church and centerpiece of Barcelona designed by master architect Antonio Gaudi.
The former has some amazing architecture, particularly those buildings designed by Antonio Gaudi (1852-1926), including the city's iconic cathedral, the Sagrada Familia, which is such a huge project that it is still under construction today.
It would be nice for Merseysiders to imagine this could be true, but anyone who has visited that vibrant, cosmopolitan city of stately squares and fountains, tree-lined thoroughfares and pavement cafes -- not to mention the luxurious department stores and unrival led architecture of Antonio Gaudi -- will tell you we have quite some way to go.
Once past the dumb exterior, you are welcomed by a huge mass of blond timber that seems to have been gnawed out of solid wood by a strange termite partnership between Aalto and Gehry, with Antonio Gaudi hovering somewhere overhead.
Designed by the city's most famous citizen, Antonio Gaudi, this huge church was begun in 1882 and looks like no other building on earth.
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