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Gaudí, Antonio


(full name, Antonio Gaudí y Cornet). Born June 26, 1852, in Reus, near Tarragona; died June 10, 1926, in Barcelona. Spanish architect.

Gaudí lived in Barcelona from 1868 and studied at the Higher Technical School of Architecture. In the fanciful structures designed by Gaudí (mainly in Barcelona)—for example, in the Sagrada Familia Church (1884-1926), which endows the composition of a Gothic cathedral with a mystical spirit, and in houses in the art-nouveau style (Casa Batlló, 1905-07; Casa Milá, 1905-10)—the boldly curved volumes and architectural innovations (parabolic arches, inclined supports, lightened vaults) create an effect of fantastic curvilinear forms that appear to have been molded by hand.


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Como afirma en el prologo el cardenal Antonio Maria Canizares Llovera, prefecto de la Congregacion para el Culto Divino y la disciplina de los Sacramentos, este <<no es un libro mas sobre la basilica de la Sagrada Familia de Antonio Gaudi.
Artesano e hijo de artesano, Antonio Gaudi tenia una profunda formacion que le llevo a una arquitectura eminentemente artesanal y constructiva, que imponia una intima relacion entre construccion y forma.
Alguna vez dije que estando en las antipodas formales, creo que Luis Barragan y Antonio Gaudi tenian posiciones muy similares y encontradas ante la arquitectura, ante la sociedad, ante la religion.
Mi abuelo miro distraidamente esa tarjeta y vio con sobresalto que el visitante era Antonio Gaudi, arquitecto.
Wherever you look, there are cathedrals, churches, parks and sculptures - mostly the works of the eccentric and devout Antonio Gaudi.
With Gehry, the anti-aesthetic aesthetic, the intensely studied unpretentiousness, continues to be received as a vaguely defined architectural expressionism (sources like Hermann Finsterlin, Erich Mendelsohn, Hans Scharoun, and inevitably Antonio Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright are invoked) rather than the consciously evolved position that it is.
As an architecture and film student at UC Berkeley, Vinton became fascinated by the fluid designs created initially in clay by Spanish sculptural architect Antonio Gaudi, whose "gaudy" cathedral dominated the Barcelona skyline during the recent Olympics.
To begin, we gathered resources and materials: slides of work by Frank Lloyd Wright, Antonio Gaudi and Buckminster Fuller; local forms of architecture; special features; architectural blueprints; shelter examples (castles, log cabins, schools, houses, apartment buildings, Native American tepees, Eskimo lodges, African huts; copies of simple interior/exterior blueprints; 12" x 18" white drawing paper; pencils and black magic markers.
The Gaudins: A Christmas Special," a 22-minute animated special that will use designs inspired by the famed Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi, is currently being produced by Phil Roman Entertainment Inc.
Earlier in 1883, Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi took over the design and construction of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona using his modern organic style to create a gothic and textural avant garde structure.
Barcelona, a city popularly known for the architectural works of Antonio Gaudi, Las Ramblas and for having one of the most famous football clubs in the world, is also popular among Muslim residents but for other reasons - mainly for having one of the largest Muslim population in the country.
Catalan architects, including Antonio Gaudi and Puig Cadafalch, expressed their creativity in the residences of the bourgeoisie, resulting in some of the most breathtaking exteriors imaginable.
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