Antonio Maceo

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Maceo (Y Grajales), Antonio


Born June 14, 1845, in Santiago de Cuba; died Dec. 7, 1896, in San Pedro. One of the leaders of the national liberation struggle of the Cuban people against Spanish rule. The son of a peasant.

Maceo entered the rebel army at the start of the Ten Years’ War for independence (1868-78). In 1878 he received the rank of major general in the Army of Liberation. After the war he lived in exile in various countries of America and prepared a new armed uprising in Cuba. In April 1895, Maceo and a group of patriots disembarked in Cuba and headed the insurgent forces of Orient Province. In September he became the deputy commander in chief of the Army of Liberation. In the three months from October 1895 to January 1896, the army he headed battled its way across the whole island. Maceo perished in battle near San Pedro.


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Before the talks, Shoigu laid a wreath at the Cacahual Mausoleum outside Havana holding the remains of the independence war hero Antonio Maceo (1845-1896).
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Andres Gomez, president of the Antonio Maceo Solidarity Brigade, has suggested that demographic and voting pattern changes in the US could influence future policy decisions by Washington, particularly those related to Cuba, reports Caribbean News Now (Dec.
Proponents of this nation-building myth pointed to the two most prominent leaders of the 1895 rebellion, Jose Marti and Antonio Maceo, who were white and mixed race respectively, as the embodiment of this principle.
Unfortunately, there's just one boat ramp to access all this water, located at Antonio Maceo Park west of Miami International Airport on NW 7th St.
In addition, Scott traces the connections of the two societies, be they of black Louisiana volunteers serving in Cuba or Antonio Maceo visiting New Orleans.
In the Ten Years War, it was a mulatto man of very humble origin who commanded the army in the tactically decisive "Invasion de Oriente a Occidente," General Antonio Maceo.
When he was born on 7 December 1934, the anniversary of the death of patriot Antonio Maceo, it is recalled by a family friend that his father prophesied he would become a great patriot.
The family looked very poor and modest when the boy first got here; they don't anymore," said Andres Gomez, leader of the Antonio Maceo Brigade, which favors repatriation.
In the steamy heat of Santiago, Cuba's second city, the pope sat on a high altar in Antonio Maceo Plaza, beneath a blue and white canopy, against the green backdrop of the Sierra Maestra Mountains.
In short, I understood who Antonio Maceo was when I got to know Tunero," a compliment equivalent to comparing a white Cuban to Jose Marti.
Address : Mairie du Lamentin Place Antonio Maceo 97232 Le Lamentin