Carmona, António Oscar de Fragoso

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Carmona, António Oscar de Fragoso

Carmona, António Oscar de Fragoso (əntôˈnyō əshkärˈ dĭ frəgôˈso͝o kərmôˈnə), 1869–1951, Portuguese general. One of the leaders of the military coup that overthrew the democratic regime in 1926, Carmona served (1926–28) as head of the provisional government. Elected president in 1928, Carmona won (1935, 1942, 1949) each successive election, but real power in the new dictatorial regime that was gradually established was held after 1928 by António de Oliveira Salazar.
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Carmona, Antonio Oscar de Fragoso


Born Nov. 24, 1869, in Lisbon; died there Apr. 18, 1951. Portuguese statesman, marshal.

After graduating from the Royal Military College, Carmona served in the army in Portugal and in the colonies. From 1923 to 1926 he was minister of war. In May 1926 he joined General Gomes da Costa in a coup d’etat that established a military dictatorship. In July 1926 he ousted Gomes da Costa and became prime minister and chief of state; in 1928 he took the title of president. Carmona began to reform the state structure along fascist lines. In 1928 he brought A. Salazar into the government as minister of finance with extraordinary powers. He paved the way for Salazar’s takeover; Salazar, on becoming prime minister in 1932, established a fascist dictatorship in the country.

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