Pastor, Tony

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Pastor, Tony,

c.1837–1908, American theater manager, b. New York City. Pastor appeared on the stage from childhood and became an experienced acrobat, dancer, and singer. He opened his first theater at 444 Broadway, New York City, in 1861. Thereafter he opened two more Broadway theaters, and in 1881 began presenting shows at his best-known playhouse on 14th St. In these establishments Pastor introduced many performers who became famous (notably Lillian Russell) and presented vaudeville suitable for a mixed audience.


See biography by P. Zellers (1971).

Pastor, Tony (b. Antonio)

(1837–1908) actor and manager; born in New York City. A performer and entrepreneur, he first appeared with Phineas Barnum. He worked successfully to clean up the image of vaudeville, banning the sale of liquor and getting rid of the cruder acts. He opened several theaters and introduced such stars as Weber and Fields and Lillian Russell. He ran the Fourteenth Street Theatre until his death.
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