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Salieri, Antonio

(äntô`nyō sälyā`rē), 1750–1825, Italian composer and conductor. He received his first training in Italy, going afterward (1766) to Vienna, where he remained as conductor of the opera and later (1788–1824) as court conductor. He was a friend of Haydn, and he taught Beethoven, Schubert, and Liszt. Mozart, however, distrusted him and believed that Salieri tried to poison him. Though Mozart's claim was never substantiated, an opera by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Mozart et Salieri (1898) and a play by Peter Shaffer, Amadeus (1979; filmed 1984) have depicted Salieri as treacherously jealous of Mozart's genius. The most successful of his 43 operas were Les Danaïdes (1784) and Tarare (1787). He also wrote instrumental pieces and church music.

Salieri, Antonio


Born Aug. 18, 1750, in Legnago, near Verona; died May 7, 1825, in Vienna. Italian composer, conductor, and teacher.

In 1766, Salieri settled in Vienna, where he became court composer in 1774 and Kapellmeister in 1788. He directed the Italian opera company until 1790 and the court choir until 1824. He wrote many operas, including Armida (1771) and Europa riconosciuta (1778, for the opening of La Scala in Milan), oratorios, and instrumental works. Salieri was close to C. W. Gluck, who worked with him on the Paris production of Salieri’s opera Les Danaïdes (1784). Among Salieri’s students were Beethoven, Schubert, and Liszt. According to a legend, Salieri poisoned Mozart; this myth was the basis of A. S. Pushkin’s “little tragedy” Mozart and Salieri.


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She notes, for example, that "Turkish" music retained its martial associations, being used to accompany entertainments such as bear baiting and dog fights, before it was adopted by such composers as Antonio Salieri, Mozart, and Joseph Haydn--who turned out martial and comic Turkish pieces while recalling that his great-grandparents had been killed in an Ottoman raid in 1683.
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Perhaps the most famous 'lesser' composer of the eighteenth century is Antonio Salieri, known to millions who saw the absurd film, 'Amadeus', as the man who 'murdered' Mozart.
4, movements 2 and 4; and the chorus Das Lob der Musik composed by Antonio Salieri for, and performed at, a Gesellschaft concert in 1818 by principals from the Vienna Philharmonic and a representation of the Singverein.
And while the title refers to the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the action is dominated by Ian Eaton, playing the brilliant young man's jealous rival Antonio Salieri, Court composer for the Emperor of Austria in the late 18th.
AMADEUS FILM4, 9pm Milos Forman's Oscer-winning film tells the story of the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Oscar-nominated Tom Hulce) through the eyes of his bitter rival Antonio Salieri (Oscar-winning F Murray Abraham).