Antonio Segni

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Segni, Antonio


Born Feb. 2, 1891, in Sassari; died Dec. 1. 1972, in Rome. Italian political figure and statesman. Lawyer and author of works on law. Member of the National Academy of Lincei.

Segni helped found the Christian Democratic Party in 1943 and was a member of its right wing. From 1946 to 1951 he held the post of minister of agriculture and forestry and collaborated on a partial agricultural reform that was adopted under pressure from the peasant movement. He also served as minister of education (1951–1954), prime minister (1955–1957), deputy prime minister and minister of defense (1958–59), prime minister and minister of the interior (1959–60), and minister of foreign affairs (1960–1962). In 1962 he was elected president of the Italian Republic. In December 1964 he went into retirement for reasons of health. He was appointed senator for life. Segni took right centrist positions and supported the strengthening of Italy’s political and military ties with NATO.

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There is also a toy sailboat presented to Kennedy during his state visit to Italy in 1963 by Italian President Antonio Segni as a gift for Kennedy's son, John F.