Antti Hyvönen

Hyvönen, Antti


Born Apr. 30, 1900, in Seinäjoki. Finnish historian. Member of the Communist Party of Finland (CPF) from 1919.

Hyvönen has written the fullest systematic account of the history of the Finnish working-class movement from its inception until the end of the Finnish Revolution of 1918. He has also produced a history of the CPF in its underground period—that is, from 1918 to 1944. Many of Hyvönen’s pamphlets and articles on the recent history of Finland have been published in the journal Kommunisti and the newspaper Kansan uutiset.


Suurten tapahtumien vuodet 1917–1919. Helsinki, 1957.
Suomen vanhan työvöenpuolueen historia. Helsinki, 1959.
Suomen Kommunistinen puolue 1918–1924. Helsinki, 1968.
SKP maanalaisuuden vuodet. Helsinki [1971].