Anuar Alimzhanov

Alimzhanov, Anuar


(Anuarbek). Born May 2, 1930, in Karlygash aul, present-day Andreev Raion, Taldy-Kurgan Oblast. Soviet Kazakh writer. Member of the CPSU since 1953. Graduated from Kazakh State University in 1954.

Alimzhanov writes primarily in Russian. His works are essentially concerned with subjects from contemporary life and the building of socialism. His popular works include the novellas Eternal Roots (1960), Caravan Goes Toward the Sun (1963), Blue Mountains (1964), and Souvenir From Otrar (1966) and the collection of sketches Fifty Thousand Miles by Land and Water (1962). Since 1971, Alimzhanov has been the chairman of the board of the Kazakh SSR Writers’ Union.


Kazak sovet ädebietining tarikhï, vol. 3, part 2. Alma-Ata, 1967.