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For places in Belgium thus named, use Antwerp.
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Mauresmo, who won the Australian Open in January as well as the Open Gaz de France and the Anvers events, hammered her opponent 6-1 in the first set before suffering a loss of concentration in the second.
N-(Phosphonomethyl)glycine (glyphosate) was purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (Saint Quentin Fallavier, France), and the pesticide Roundup (containing 360 g/L acid glyphosate; Monsanto, Anvers, Belgium) was from a commercial source.
Philopatry, mate and nest-site fidelity in the brown skuas of Anvers Island, Antarctica.
Jo Pierson relate pour sa part l'experience de la Digital Metropolis Antwerp (DMA) a Anvers, une experience aux visees politiques de decentralisation des services.
30 Cycling: Tour de France - stage three from Anvers to Seraing 5.
Today, it's the 200-kilometer Stage 2 leg from Calais to Anvers.
facility, Palmer Station, is relatively small and is located on Anvers Island in the Antarctic Peninsula.
These experts in guerilla warfare picked the best among Christian militias and sent them to the city of Anvers [Belgium] where they joined special training centers.
Anvers, 7 juillet 1994, reprinted in 4 Droit de l'informatique et des telecomms 52-53 (1994.
On Wiencke Island, situated near Anvers Island, Lynn planned to snowboard down Jabet Peak (545 metres).
Denuce, Archives commerciales privies: le fonde des faillites a Anvers, in 4 Annales d'Historie Economique et Sociale 372 (1932); Lichtenauer, Geschiedenis, supra note 37, at 9-10 (for general applicability of Custom of Antwerp); id.
The arbitration, in respect of these contracts, may be called for in Amsterdam, Anvers, Trieste, Genes, London, Paris, and Le Havre, those last two being on the process to merge.