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(HDMI Consumer Electronics Control) A control function that lets one A/V component control another if they are connected via HDMI cables. For example, inserting a disc into the DVD player would turn on the TV automatically or the A/V receiver, if part of the system. Using proprietary brand names, HDMI CEC initially worked only when components were from the same vendor. Increasingly, HDMI CEC works across vendors' products. See HDMI.
HDMI CECBranding      Vendor

    Anynet        Samsung

    BRAVIA Sync   Sony

    KURO Link     Pioneer

    NetCommand    Mitsubishi

    REGZA-LINK    Toshiba

    RIHD (Remote
    over HDMI)    Onkyo

    SimpLink      LG
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The Maktabi bundle's mobile services includes two Shahry Business Smart SIM cards, with each SIM card loaded with 200 MB of data, 300 Business Group calling minutes, 60 AnyNet minutes, and 50 SMS per month.
Likewise, in October 2014, Philips Healthcare collaborated with Eseye, global provider of M2M cellular connectivity, for supplying Multi-IMSI AnyNet connectivity for their telehealth platform, Philips Motiva.
Shahry Business 5 offers customers 300 CompanyNet minutes of internal company calls, 60 minutes of AnyNet calls in Oman, 50 SMS messages and 50 MB of mobile data for RO5 a month.
All pre-pay customers on Anynet or Anytime price plans can take advantage of these prices automatically and are not restricted to only calling one country on the list, the company said.
In support of SMSXpress, Numerex also announces the launch of the DigiCell AnyNET network modem.
With Vodafone's Anynet Pay As You Go, it costs 30p a minute to make a call to any network or a fixed line, but evening and weekend calls only cost 10p a minute.
In a nod to the growing home networking phenomenon, the television features Samsung's new patented built-in Anynet chip, which allows for single remote-control operation of multiple audio/video components.
Accessing Transport Networks: MPTN and AnyNet Solutions.
This architecture, implemented in the IBM environment as AnyNet, allows users to run applications independent of the transport protocol that their company uses.
The NetManage emulator can now use the new TN5250E services in IBM's OS/400 V4R2 to support device naming through direct IP connections in an intranet/extranet environment without requiring Anynet link type.
Subscribers will receive a total of 400 CompanyNet minutes and 400 AnyNet minutes.
AMCI), announces the addition of their ANR2 LVDT/RVDT Signal Conditioner to the AnyNET I/O family of PLC-based specialty I/O products.