Aortic Sinus

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Sinus, Aortic


(1) In mammals (excluding man), the initial, dilated part of the ascending aorta; the same as the bulbus arteriosis.

(2) In man, part of the cavity of the bulb of the aorta, located between the semilunar valve and the aortic wall.

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According to our measurements, it can be stated that the coronary arterial orifices are not located in the center of each aortic sinus, or close to the level of the free horizontal margin of the aortic sinus.
Previous studies showed that the mean distance from the RCO to the bottom of the corresponding aortic sinus was 13.
Arising of all coronary arteries from the right aortic sinus with separate ostia is a very rare entity.
Anomalous origin of all three coronary arteries from separate ostia within right aortic sinus is rarely encountered anomaly.
The originating of LAD and Cx coronary arteries from the contralateral aortic sinus Valsalva was included into the group of potentially serious anomalies.