Aortic Sinus

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Sinus, Aortic


(1) In mammals (excluding man), the initial, dilated part of the ascending aorta; the same as the bulbus arteriosis.

(2) In man, part of the cavity of the bulb of the aorta, located between the semilunar valve and the aortic wall.

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These 6 hearts showed 3 ostia in anterior aortic sinus (for RCA, TCA and FCA).
Echocardiography detected a dilative aortic sinus, with a diameter of 43 mm.
Frozen aortic sinus sections were stained with 2 [micro]M dihydroethidium (DHE) (ThermoFisher Scientific) in PBS and were analyzed immediately using a fluorescence microscope.
In this study, single ostium was the most frequent findings (78%), double ostia were seen in 20 hearts (20%), three ostia were seen in two cases (2%) at anterior aortic sinus (Figure 1).
Furthermore, the plaque area of the aortic sinus and the cholesterol content of the aorta in Apo[E.sup.-/-] mice were measured.
Novel transitional zone index allows more accurate differentiation between idiopathic right ventricular outflow tract and aortic sinus cusp ventricular arrhythmias.
Serial 2 [micro]m transversal sections were prepared from formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded aortic sinus specimens.
This rare congenital anomaly is seen in 0.024%-0.066% of patients who undergo CCA and is characterized by a single coronary ostium originating from the aortic sinus (Fig.
Serial transverse cryosections of 5 [micro]m in thickness were obtained from the brachiocephalic arteries and aortic sinus and were selectively stained with HE at 50 [micro]m intervals.
This refers to a coronary ostium (either left or right) that is at least 1 cm above the sinotubular junction (instead of being at the aortic sinus) (4,7) (Figure 4).
The RCA arose from the middle of the anterior aortic sinus below the supravalvular ridge in all specimens.
Supplementation with LA significantly reduced atherosclerotic lesion formation in the aortic sinus of both mouse models by approximately 20% and in the aortic arch and thoracic aorta of apoE-/- and apoE/low-density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mice by approximately 55% and 40%, respectively.