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Valle D’aosta


an autonomous region of Italy, the country’s smallest in territory and population. It has an area of 3,262 sq km and a population of 107,900 (1968). The spoken languages are Italian and French; German dialects are spoken in the region of Monte Rosa. The major city is Aosta, with a population of 35,300.

Valle d’Aosta is situated in northwest Italy, in the Alps. It comprises the valley Valle d’Aosta and part of the Pennine Alps in the north, Mont Blanc in the northwest (up to 4,807 m high), and the Graian Alps in the southwest. There is a dense network of rivers. Mountain-forest and mountain-meadow terrain and glaciers are characteristic. Over 40 percent of the economically active population (1965) is engaged in industry. The principal branch of agriculture is dairy stock raising. There is also cheese and butter production. Meadows and pastures account for 46 percent of all agricultural lands. A small area is devoted to the cultivation of grains, potatoes, orchards (apples and pears), and grapes. There is tourism and mountain skiing. Iron ore (Cogne), anthracite (La Thuile), and marble (Châtillon) are mined. The total capacity of the state electric power plant is 900 megawatts (900,000 kW). There are enterprises in electrometallurgy (Aosta, Pont-Saint-Martin), production of artificial and synthetic fabrics (Châtillon), meat and fruit canning, and beer brewing.

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However, the limitations of our study must also be recognized: the Aosta Valley population is predominantly Caucasian, which may limit the possibility to generalize our findings to other ethnic groups, in whom the risk of AF and other risk factors may differ; the use of prestroke mRS is not standardized, because the mRS was designed and validated to measure global clinical function after stroke; our study did not examine the role and impact of hospital treatment practices, given the observational nature of this investigation.
Material examined.--ITALY: Aosta Valley:12 [male], 2 [female], Torgnon, pitfall traps, 16-30 June 2006, M.
Then head off to Pila in Italy's Aosta Valley. Thomson Ski (0870 606 1470, has seven nights from pounds 359pp departing on February 19, with return flights and half-board accommodation.
Others take place in the Aosta Valley in Italy and in Haute-Savoie in France.
Yvonne Rawson, her husband Stephen, their daughter Grace and her friend were enjoying a family holiday at Champoluc, in the Aosta Valley, in Italy, earlier this year.
Since then, the Cooperative's goal has been to protect the small farmers in the Aosta valley who are the primary producers, but above all, to maintain the highest production standards and protect consumers from imitations by offering them a product guaranteed to be authentic.
Ralph Jodlbauer studies data from Alsace, Carinthia, Burgenland, South Tyrol, West Switzerland, the Aosta valley, Luxembourg, and South and North Schleswig concerning linguistic minorities, and concludes that their existence is almost everywhere under threat.
Right: In August 1990 Piero Armando captured the full Moon rising at the Aosta Valley near his home in Torino, Italy.
Courmayeur is a charming little medieval town located at the top of the Aosta Valley at the foot of Mont-Blanc; right on the French-Italian border.
"The idea is to acclimatise them with the rigours of high altitude training," said Everest veteran Stuart McDonald who will lead the students to the 4,061 metre tall Gran Paradiso, located between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont regions in Italy's Graian Alps.
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