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(1) (Access PointS) See access point.

(2) See Advanced Photo System.
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The first official APS event was a "Back to Basics" design seminar conducted by Deb Norton, co-owner of Graphic Arts of Topeka, Kan.
Results Our comparison of the structural arid ultrastructural aspects of the nasal mucosa of the APS and APING revealed the following statistically significant findings:
If an active disk object becomes unavailable due to a path failure, APS automatically switches to the Secondary Disk Object that represents an alternate data path through the SAN to the LUN in the storage array (Fig 4).
Some of the major technical criticismsof the APS study:
Don's knowledge and experience have been valuable assets to APS the past four years," said Davis.
Past APS meetings have included bowling competitions, cow milking contests, armadillo racing, ag Olympics contests, talent shows .
Therefore, he says, the APS report's rather pessimistic evaluations of current capabilities in target acquisition and discrimination as well as system survivability in space also apply to KEW.
Provider engagement is critical to realizing disease management's full potential, and we applaud APS for its initiative in this area.
It is being crafted based on feedback from the successful 2003 APS meeting in Cleveland.
An eclectic variety of speakers and seminars are offered throughout the conference, as well as a number of opportunities for networking and fun, including the Rock and Roll Welcome Party and the third annual APS Golf Open.
The unique and powerful digital beamforming technology embedded in Wavion's spatially adaptive APs provides extended range and penetration, minimizes dead spots, requires two-thirds fewer units than other outdoor APs to cover the same area, and supports the variety of applications and services CONXX is extending wirelessly to Cumberland.
Several of Orwig's clients exhibit at the APS InfoExpo.