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The southwest is where the OK Corral gunfight happened, where the Apache Indians fought for their land, and it's the only place where saguaro cacti grows wild.
of Oklahoma, "Ethnobotany of the Kiowa Apache." In her thesis, she described how the Plains (or Kiowa) Apache Indians conceptualized and categorized the plant world, listed some 110 wild plant species of cultural significance to the Apache, and discussed the cultural context in which the species were used.
The subsequent horseback trek is fraught with peril including attacks by Apache Indians and Wade's gun-crazy second-in-command, Charlie Prince (Foster).
The kind of scalpline that would get Apache Indians very, very excited, apparently.
In which state(s) would you be most likely to find Apache Indians?
government and the Apache Indians. Fort Bowie was originally constructed in 1862 to secure safe passage through the pass and access to Apache Spring, what the Spanish called "Puerto del Dado" (the "Pass of Chance").
The methods used to make these detailed inferences aren't much different from those developed by skilled trackers in groups such as the Apache Indians of North America or the Kalahari bushmen of Africa, says Martin.

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