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A Critical Edition, with Translation, of Selected Portions of the Pali Apadana. M.A.
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The Apadana, the commentaries to the poems attributed to monks and nuns, is one of the fifteen works included in the canonical Khuddaka Nikaya.
From these ruins, the Apadana Palace, at the main entrance, with 36 columns and three balconies (12 columns in each) in the North, South and Eastern sections of the palace have been remained.
This palace was constructed by the order of Darius (Dariush) the Achaemenian on the top of Elamite hillocks and is known as Dariush (Apadana) palace.
Usually a soul is reborn maintaining the same gender." Doniger (298) notes that the general dearth of gender transformations in Hindu stories of rebirth stands "in strong contrast to the frequent changes of species that take place in reincarnation in texts like The Laws of Manu." For a discussion on the consistency in sex across lives in the Apadana see Appleton ("Footsteps" 43-44) and also the remarks in Analayo ("Princess" 103).
Dietrich Huff's "Uberlegungen zu Funktion, Genese und Nachfolge des Apadana" aims first to analyze the (so-called) Apadana and to show the functional affiliation of the building to the enduring Iranian tradition of palaces, and then to discuss the relationship between the architecture of the Apadana and its function.
Last year, his company designed and produced a firewall system called Apadana, intended to protect web-based information from hackers.
OPENED two years ago, Apadana has brought a unique taste of Middle Eastern cuisine to Huddersfield.
Takht-e Jamshid Palace aACAo Apadana On top of the rocky mountain of Rahmat in the plain of Marvdasht, the ruins of Takht-e-Jamshid palace are pre-eminent.
The two Ekottarika-agama passages to be translated below are parallels to the stories of Bhadda Kaccana (32)--apparently an alternative name for Rahulamata and thus for Yasodhara (33)--and Bhadda Kapilam (34) found in the Apadana and Pali commentaries.
Jan Tavernier ("Iranians in Neo-Elamite Texts") has set out for the first time to list all the Iranian names and loanwords in the corpus of Neo-Elamite texts (299 from the Acropolis and 7 from the Apadana at Susa, 24 letters from Nineveh).