Component Object Model

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Component Object Model

(COM) An open software architecture from DEC and Microsoft, allowing interoperation between ObjectBroker and OLE. Microsoft evolved COM into DCOM.

On page XV of Box's book in the foreword by Charlie Kindel he says, "It is Mark Ryland's fault that some people call COM the 'Common Object Model.' He deeply regrets it and apologizes profusely."

["Essential COM", Don Box].

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The company, which is behind a range of schemes throughout the city, has identified sites in both cities to roll out an expansion of its hotel and serviced apartment model.
Within the set of comparable properties in this market, the elasticity of rent levels across various apartment model sizes was analyzed.
area or apartment model interior-design highlighting.
The move is part of a strategic marketing initiative that aims to give existing buyers a realistic view of the apartment model.
The building contains 83 flats, based on a studio apartment model, along with a slightly larger supervisor's flat.
WAREHOUSE WONDER: An artist's impression of the interior of a converted apartment MODEL REDEVELOPMENT: The dockland warehouse, based on the principles of French architect Le Corbusier, inset, right, will feature 335 apartments once work is complete
Le Corbusier designed 23 variants of his basic apartment model, from bedsits to a couple of homes intended to house up to a family of 10, albeit in extremely cramped conditions.
While it may not be true room-to-room virtual reality, the illusion of actually walking through an apartment model is already available on the World Wide Web from Rent Net.
A new trend in fiat-screens is color frames, which could accent any well-designed apartment model.
1 of Dart's successful PowerTCP Internet toolkit line and includes additional enhancements such as apartment model threading and the capability to dynamically instantiate the controls without placing them on a form.
A bathing suit laid out on the bed with a friendly, hand-written note, "Come down and join us at the lake for volleyball," just won't do from September through May for a Chicago apartment model.