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Apgar score was found between 3 and 6 at 3 minutes in most of the study cases (67.5%) and still at 5 minutes Apgar score was low (up to 6) in a significant cases of abruption (42.5%) compared to controls (2.5%) as compared to study of Naseer et al 8% has 7 in 5 minute23.
Prediction of Outcome After Emergency High-Risk Intra-abdominal Surgery Using the Surgical Apgar Score. Anesth Analg 2016; 123: 1516-21.
Similarly, the proximal variables very low birth weight (under 1,500 grams) and an Apgar score in the first minute of life below seven (Table 2) had an effect on the likelihood of neonatal mortality that was independent of the preceding factors.
Cord arterial pH (p = 0.049) and pCO2 (p = 0.018) were also different between the groups (lower pH and higher pCO2 level in upper-normal group), suggesting more stress among neonates in upper-normal group; however, the Apgar score at 5 minutes, arterial cord pO2, BE, and duration of delivery were not different between the two groups (Tables 2 and 3).
When Apgar score at 1 minute was observed, 37.9% of neonates delivered to patients of group-A and 64.5% of newborns delivered to group-B patients had score of < 7.
It must be noted that geographical isolation of a health facility or community did not always determine an overall Nursing Apgar score, as some more remote health facilities scored higher Apgars than less geographical isolated health facilities.
Even the findings of low Apgar score at 5 min among anemic mothers are similar with a study conducted by Malhotra et al.
Factors associated with pneumothorax are male sex, lower birth weight, prematurity, low Apgar score, and previous lung disease in the immediate perinatal period.
Assessment of fetal well being was done by APGAR score assessed immediately after birth.