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A place where bees are kept, especially for breeding and honey making.



the production unit of a bee farm. It consists of an apicultural farmstead, with beehives, apicultural structures (winter hive, honey house, apicultural workshop, collapsible portable huts, sheds for an observation hive and reserve hives, etc.), and various beekeeping equipment. Large bee farms and specialized commercial farms have several apiaries.

Apiaries are located near masses of melliferous plants in dry places that are protected from the wind by trees and shrubs. Apiaries may be permanent or mobile. Permanent apiaries are usually constructed in areas that have much melliferous vegetation and that are not easily accessible (mountainous and mountain-taiga regions). Mobile apiaries are used not only for nearby melliferous areas but are transported to distant tracts of melliferous blossoms for supplementary nectar gathering and for crop pollination.

Specialization in apiculture has determined the various commercial uses of apiaries. The most common specialization is the production of commercial honey. Such apiaries are usually located on lands that are rich in natural nectar bearers (in the USSR in the Urals, Siberia, and the Far East). The best of these apiaries yield 100–180 kg of honey per hive. Pollination apiaries are set up in regions with developed horticulture and seed culture of field and vegetable crops, for hothouse and cold-frame crops, and on fruit and berry farms for crop pollination both in the greenhouse and in the open field. Bee-rearing and queen-rearing apiaries are concerned with the propagation of bees and rearing of queens for sale to commercial honey, pollination, and multipurpose (combining the functions of the aforementioned types of apiaries) bee farms. Some multipurpose apiaries produce medicinal products, such as vitaminized and therapeutic honey, obtained by feeding the bees concentrated sugar syrup with the juices of fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs. They also sell propolis, bee toxin, royal jelly, and flower pollen. Experimental apiaries are set up to carry out research and to disseminate the achievements of apiculture and the most advanced techniques.

The largest apiaries in the world, numbering hundreds and thousands of bee colonies, are concentrated in the USSR, USA, Canada, and Australia. In the European countries (such as Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Federal Republic of Germany, German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia, and Poland), small hobbyist apiaries predominate.


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After following the narrow path to a small unmown clearing, covered on one side by a bright carpet of wild pansies with many tall clumps of dark green hellebores growing amongst them, Levin settled his guests in the dense, cool shade of some young aspens, on a bench and some tree-stumps which had been specially arranged for visitors to the apiary who were afraid of bees, while he himself went off to the hut to fetch bread, cucumbers, and fresh honey for the children and the grown-ups.
The British Beekeepers Association will move its apiary to a plot of land at the local estate, providing more space and scope to develop education, training and research to help the threatened honey bee.
Emma, whose husband didn't even know where she kept her apiary, added: "The colony they chose was the strongest one in the apiary on a single brood.
The declines represent the number of colonized hives lost either through the bees absconding, die-off of colonies or colony collapse annually and from the start of the apiary till the time of the study.
Mr Diaper has 35 years' experience of teaching apiary management and has been called out to the course in the past to help remove swarms.
The rearing method is based on grafting larvae method and the setting up of the multiplication apiary.
Bulgaria's booth includes the country's strongest companies in the fields of meat and dairy production, winery, apiary and cosmetics, in particular rose etheric oil products.
The Tajik side asked Iran to help Tajikistan's agricultural sector by sharing the technology, knowledge and experiences of Iranian agro industry and requested Iran to establish dairy and husbandry products manufacturing plants and Iranian pistachio gardens, ostrich farms, fisheries farm and apiary in Tajikistan.
The apiary will be run under the expert guidance of the Cardiff, Vale and Valleys Beekeeping Association which hopes to breed bees that are as close to possible to the species indigenous to Wales and the UK - the Black Honeybee - whose numbers have declined over the years due to threats including damp winters.
One of Burgh Bees' long-term goals is to develop a group of beekeepers who can maintain a hive where they live or at a community apiary.
The discovery of an industrial apiary at Tel Rehov constitutes a unique and extraordinary discovery that revolutionizes our knowledge of this economic endeavor, particularly in ancient Israel," says Mazar, an archaeologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.